Bernstein: Pence People 'Willing and Want to Talk' to January 6 Committee

CNN political analyst Carl Bernstein said Friday on “Anderson Cooper 360” that there are a group of people in former Vice President Mike Pence’s inner circle that are “willing and want to talk” to the select committee investigating the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Bernstein said, “The attorney general of the United States has decided to go forth with these prosecutions. There was grave doubt about whether he would do that or not. So, he and his department are committed to going after not just Bannon, but others who might defy this committee, and that sends a message down the line.”

He continued, “We know that there are a fair number of people, particularly around former Vice President Pence, who are not at all happy with what Donald Trump did in his absolutely grievous, horrendous coverup, first of all, of the gravest offense by a president of the United States in our electoral history. Absolutely, he tried to shut down the free and fair election of the president of the United States. These people around Pence know that it happened, and they know how it happened. Whether they are the ones who are going to talk or aides to themselves, we don’t know yet. But there are a good number of people who have heard that there are people who are willing and want to talk about what happened, including in the so-called war room on January 5th, the day before the insurrection. Bannon was among them, as were these aides to Pence who know some things.”

Bernstein added, “There is a lot of information that I am hearing, among others, other reporters are hearing what happened, and there are Republicans who know what happened, including not just these principals but what are called satellite witnesses. Their aides, aids to the principals, aides to Trump and to Pence.”

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