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Ben Shapiro exposes UCLA Med students’ instruction in ‘anti-white, anti-American animosity

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro Exposes Woke Curriculum at UCLA Medical ⁤School

Ben Shapiro, the former editor of the Daily Wire, recently uncovered a shocking revelation ​about the​ curriculum at UCLA’s medical school. In a series⁤ of internal emails obtained by Shapiro, it was revealed that⁤ students‍ are required to learn about “colonialism” and “liberation” during their first year.

The emails document a class called “Structural Racism and Health Equity,” which teaches students about “Indigenous resistance” and “white colonialism.” This‌ report comes at a time when lawmakers⁤ across the country are expressing concern about the infiltration of diversity, ⁢equity, and inclusion⁢ principles into the medical field.

For this​ class, students are required‌ to read “Our History ⁣is the Future,” a book about “settler colonialism and Indigenous resistance on a global‍ scale.” Shapiro expressed his concern about the inclusion of wars ⁤of “Indigenous resistance” ⁤in the curriculum, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of white people,‍ and the encouragement ‌to “imagine what liberation could look⁢ like.”

In addition to this, students are taught about ⁣”Blackness and Indigeneity” and how to envision a world after settler colonialism and white supremacy.​ They ​are also recommended to listen to the Indigenae podcast, which covers topics like ‍”Womxn and Two Spirit.”

Shapiro questioned the necessity of such a class in a medical school and the ‍potential impact it could have on patient care. He argued that these materials not only distract from essential medical knowledge but also promote resentment towards patients. He emphasized the⁢ importance ​of science-based education in the medical field.


In response to Shapiro’s thread, ​Elon Musk, the owner of ⁣X, expressed his⁤ dismay, stating,⁢ “This is ⁣messed up.”

Shapiro’s revelations about UCLA’s curriculum follow his previous exposés on woke concepts infiltrating medical schools at Wake Forest, Duke, and UPenn. He emphasized the need to⁤ expose and address ​this widespread problem, as it ⁣not only undermines the integrity of medical education but also poses risks to patient care.

What measures can be implemented to ensure that medical education remains⁤ objective and inclusive, while still addressing ‌social determinants ‌of ​health and ⁣the impact of structural racism

​​works​​ by ​​authors​​ such ⁤as ​​Frantz​​ Fanon, ​​bell​​ hooks,​​ and ⁣​​Edward​​ Said, who are known for their critical theories on race and colonialism. The ⁢curriculum also includes ⁢discussions on “structural racism” and its impact on health outcomes in marginalized communities. However, many critics argue that these teachings⁢ are not ⁣grounded in ⁢scientific evidence and instead promote a one-sided ideological agenda.

Ben Shapiro, who has been a vocal critic of ‍the woke movement and cancel culture, expressed ‌his concerns about the curriculum in a series of tweets. He believes that ‌these teachings undermine the integrity of the medical profession and turn it into a ⁢platform for political activism. Shapiro argues that medical schools‌ should focus on teaching evidence-based medicine and critical thinking skills rather than indoctrinating students with divisive ideologies.

The revelation about UCLA’s medical school curriculum has sparked a nationwide conversation⁤ about the role of ideology in medical education. Lawmakers​ and citizens alike are questioning whether medical schools should be teaching social issues and theories⁤ that are not directly related to medical practice. There are concerns that the emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion in medical education may come at the expense ⁣of teaching essential medical knowledge and ‌skills.

Furthermore, there are worries about the potential impact of ideological indoctrination on future healthcare providers. Medical professionals have a duty to treat all patients with⁤ equal care and respect, regardless of their ‍race or background. ‍Critics ‌argue that teaching divisive ideologies could potentially impact the doctor-patient relationship and compromise the quality ⁣of care⁤ provided.

The controversy surrounding UCLA’s medical‍ school curriculum highlights the ongoing debate over the role of ideology in education. While⁤ it is important⁣ to address issues of social justice and equality, it is crucial to ensure that medical education remains rooted in evidence-based practices⁢ and prepares students to provide the best possible care for their patients.

In response to⁣ the revelations, UCLA released a statement defending its ‍curriculum. ⁢The university emphasized the importance of teaching students about social determinants of health and the impact of⁤ structural racism⁣ on health outcomes. However, UCLA also​ acknowledged the need for ongoing evaluation and improvement​ of its curriculum to ⁣ensure that it remains objective and inclusive.

As the debate continues, it is clear that there is a growing concern about the infiltration of woke ​ideology into various academic disciplines, including ⁢medicine. The discussion surrounding UCLA’s​ medical school curriculum raises important questions about the boundaries of ideological teachings​ and the‍ potential consequences for the future of⁣ healthcare.

In conclusion, the⁤ expose⁤ by Ben Shapiro ⁤sheds light on the existence of a woke curriculum at UCLA’s medical school, raising concerns about the ​impact of ideological teachings on medical education. As the‍ nation grapples with issues⁣ of diversity, ​equity, and​ inclusion, it is crucial to strike a balance⁤ between addressing social issues and ensuring that medical education remains grounded in evidence-based⁣ practices. ‍The ongoing debate surrounding this revelation underscores the need for a critical examination of curriculum‌ content and a careful consideration of the‌ potential consequences for the future of healthcare.

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