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Ben Shapiro challenges corporate America and warns of potential boycotts following Bud Light and Target’s recent experiences.

Ben Shapiro Challenges Corporate America Over Promotion of Transgender Ideology

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro has issued a challenge to corporate America, warning that they could be next in line for boycotts following the recent backlash against Bud Light and Target over their promotion of issues like transgender ideology.

Don’t Play the Game

On his podcast, “The Ben Shapiro Show,” Shapiro discussed the current boycott against companies like Target, which he said is “getting ripped up by a lot of their customer base” over the store’s “Pride” collection with “tuck-friendly” female swimwear and “transing of kids.”

“The problem is, once you engage, you cannot disengage the pride, the Pride Progress team will not allow you to disengage,” Shapiro said. “You’ll be forced to reengage. And so now you’re forced to play this two-step. You got to take one side or another, you know, be neutral and just provide products to people to buy them.”

“Or you can take a clear demarcation line on issues of the day,” he added. “So all you corporate brand leaders out there preparing for Pride month. Just remember, this could be you. If you decide to step into this minefield and then you get blown up. Ain’t no sympathy for you over here. And in fact, some of us are quite happy to make an example of you if you decide to become the bleeding edge of the Pride Progress team attempting to foster a societal viewpoint that damages children and wrecks traditional morality.”

“So here’s what you guys can do. Don’t play the game,” Shapiro continued. “Just sell the products and stop trying to proselytize on behalf of left wing crap. Not that tough. Don’t vomit rainbows everywhere during Pride Month. Just sell pants. I know this is real tough stuff here.”

Conservatives Have Had Enough

Shapiro talked about how The Daily Wire launched Jeremy’s Razors and later Jeremy’s Chocolate “on the back of woke brands.” Shapiro said that if companies want to keep polarizing, The Daily Wire will be “happy to take money from people who feel scorned and upset because there are brands who hate their guts.”

“But you know what? I prefer an America where you just go back to selling your product and stop trying to promote the idea that Rachel Levine is a moral exemplar to us all,” Shapiro said. “It’s very simple. Go back to neutral and every, all weapons go away.”

The host said that the Left has been “leveraging brands” for decades. He said conservatives up until now have just ignored it and continued to shop at those businesses, but said “those days are over because you have pushed too far.”

Choose Your Path

“You have decided that it is imperative that you become the loudspeaker for a system of morality that disdains traditional institutions like the nuclear family, that disdains the natural necessity of heterosexual relationships, and pretends that all sexual activity is morally equivalent and equally fulfilling,” Shapiro added.

“And there should be moral apathy about all this stuff,” the host concluded. “That’s you. You did it. So now you have a choice. You can go back to neutral and stop with this garbage, or you can continue to walk down this primrose path. And I am more than happy to take my business elsewhere.”

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