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Ben Shapiro uncovers media’s oversight on Hunter Biden’s plea deal.

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro: Media Should Focus on Hunter Biden’s Money and Job

On his Wednesday podcast, Shapiro criticized the media for obsessing over President Joe Biden’s parenting instead of asking the important questions about Hunter Biden’s financial dealings. This comes after Hunter Biden reached a plea deal, pleading guilty to two tax crimes and admitting to a gun charge.

“What exactly is Hunter’s financial relationship with Joe? Where exactly is Joe’s stream of income coming from? In fact, Why is the entire Biden family making bank off of Joe’s name? Why was Hunter Biden on the board of Burisma knowing nothing about Ukraine or natural gas or, you know, being a non-drug abuser?” Shapiro questioned.

“Where is all this money coming from, and how is it flowing? Why are there so many shell companies? No, the real story is that Joe Biden feels better. And if the old man feels better, well, I guess that that’s all we could all really ask here,” he added sarcastically.

Shapiro also raised concerns about the timing of the investigation into Hunter Biden, suggesting that it may have been delayed due to the important midterm elections last November.

“There’s also the significant possibility that investigators did not actually want to charge Hunter Biden right before the midterm elections. And so they wait until right after the midterm elections again, in a dead year — 2023 is, of course, a year with no serious elections,” Shapiro speculated.


Biden will also reportedly enter a diversion program for his illegal firearm purchase in 2018. The gun charge could be expunged from his record upon completion of the program.

“The defendant has agreed to plead guilty to both counts of the tax Information,” the prosecutors stated. “The defendant has agreed to enter a Pretrial Diversion Agreement with respect to the firearm Information.”

The investigation into Biden’s taxes and gun purchase lasted five years and involved federal prosecutors, FBI agents, and IRS investigators.

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