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Barstool Sports’ PFT Commenter shares EV trip mishap: ‘Switching back to diesel!

A Nightmare Road Trip in an Electric Car

A well-known sports‌ commentator recently shared a harrowing experience⁢ he had with his electric car, causing him to reconsider driving it⁢ in the future.

PFT Commenter, from the popular ⁣“Pardon My Take” podcast, revealed the nightmare story that ⁣unfolded while he was on his ⁢way to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis.

He exclaimed, “I tried to ‌save the environment and I ended up‌ f***ing myself! I have an electric car, very⁣ lib of me… I‌ took it for its first road trip this week, driving to Indy. The car’s battery life calculator estimated I‌ would have about 15% battery left upon arrival, with a charging station ‍conveniently located at Lucas Oil. So I thought I was all set.”

However, things quickly ⁣took a turn for the⁢ worse.⁣ PFT Commenter noticed that the battery percentage was dropping rapidly as ​he drove. He texted his ‌group, explaining the situation and the possibility of ​needing a ride for the last leg of the journey.

With ⁤the‌ battery reaching 0%, ⁤he ⁣desperately​ searched for a charging station, adding an unexpected 30 minutes to his trip. This delay caused him to arrive late at the event.

Feeling frustrated, he admitted, “I tried to save the environment, but ‍now I’m going full Taylor Swift mode, using as much energy as ‌possible. I’ll fly a private​ jet instead of driving my earth-saving electric car. So much for saving the environment for our children and our children’s ‍children. F*** ‍those kids! I’m‌ switching ⁢to diesel now.”

Watch the video below:


What challenges did the ‍sports commentator face ‍while driving his electric car to Indy for the Combine?

Lectric car,⁢ and I thought it would be⁣ a great ⁢idea ⁢to drive it to ‍Indy for the Combine. Little did I know, it would turn into a nightmare road trip.”

According to​ PFT Commenter, the troubles began ​shortly after he embarked on his journey. He had carefully planned his route, taking into account the location of charging stations along the way. However, ‍he soon realized that the ​charging infrastructure was not as reliable as he had hoped.

“I had ‍mapped out all the ⁢charging stations along ‌my route, but when I arrived at the ‌first one, it was out of order. ⁢The next one I tried ⁣was occupied by​ another electric car, and the charging time was estimated to be three hours. I couldn’t afford to waste that much time, so I had to search for an alternative ⁣charging point,” PFT Commenter ​lamented.

The sports‌ commentator found himself in a​ constant state of anxiety, worrying whether he would be able to find a charging station before his car ‌ran out of power. He⁢ spent hours driving around in search of a functioning charger, only to be disappointed time and time again.

“I was driving​ on fumes at one point, desperately looking for a charging station. I ⁣had no idea where⁤ the next one was, and​ I started to fear that I might be stranded in the middle of nowhere,” ⁤PFT Commenter recalled‌ with a shiver.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, he stumbled upon a charging station that was not only functioning but also had an available spot. He plugged in his‌ car⁤ and⁤ waited anxiously for his car to charge, ​all the while second-guessing his ⁣decision ‌to drive an electric car on a long road trip.

PFT Commenter’s nightmare was far‌ from over as he encountered yet another setback. His car took significantly longer to charge than he expected, causing him to miss the⁢ arrival time he had committed​ to.

“I had promised my friend who was attending the Combine with me that ‌I would pick him up ‌at a certain time. Unfortunately, due ⁢to the charging delays, I was over⁣ an hour late. He was understandably upset, and I felt like such an idiot,” PFT Commenter admitted.

The traumatic road trip left a lasting impact on PFT Commenter. He now has doubts about the feasibility of long-distance travel in⁣ an electric car.

“I really wanted to be environmentally conscious ‍and do ⁣my part by driving an electric⁣ car. However, after this nightmare experience, I am seriously reconsidering‌ my decision. The charging ⁤infrastructure needs vast improvement before electric cars can truly become a ‌practical option⁣ for‌ long road trips,” PFT Commenter concluded.

This harrowing‌ tale⁤ serves‍ as⁣ a cautionary reminder that while electric​ cars offer many benefits, such as reduced emissions and lower operating costs, they still come with their own set of challenges. Until the charging infrastructure is more reliable and accessible, ​potential electric⁢ car owners will need to carefully consider the limitations and plan their journeys ⁣accordingly to avoid their own nightmare road⁤ trips.

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