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Ben Shapiro predicts China’s next move on Taiwan under Biden.

Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro Predicts China’s Blockade of Taiwan

In a bold forecast, Daily Wire Editor Emeritus Ben Shapiro predicts that an emboldened China will move to blockade Taiwan in the next couple of years, taking advantage of the perceived weakness from the Biden administration.

Shapiro discussed this alarming development on his Tuesday podcast, highlighting how the Biden administration’s approach towards China is allowing them to gain ground in their aggression towards Taiwan. During Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent visit to China, he explicitly stated that the U.S. does not support Taiwanese independence.

While U.S. policy towards Taiwan has traditionally been ambiguous to prevent war and invasion, Shapiro argues that Blinken’s open repudiation of Taiwan’s independence will only invite further escalation from China.

“That’s the next move that’s going to happen over the course of the next couple of years. Bank on it.”

Shapiro also delves into China’s systematic issues, which are currently being masked by the weaknesses of Western nations. He urges the U.S. and European nations to increase pressure on China instead of following the current policy of appeasement adopted by the Biden administration.

“China is actually in a very weak global position that’s being hidden by the cowardice of the Americans and the cowardice of the Europeans.”

Shapiro explains that China’s demographic decline and economic reliance on young workers, who are dwindling due to a fertility crisis, are major vulnerabilities. Additionally, their economy heavily relies on foreign debt.


Shapiro reveals that Chinese Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping’s fear of economic freedom leading to political reforms is hindering China’s ability to address its underlying economic struggles.

“No one ever talks about the systemic debt in China. It’s extraordinarily high. China needs to right its economy, but there’s no actual way for them to do that because Xi Jinping has been not opening the Chinese economy.”

To counter the coming instability in China, Shapiro suggests that the U.S. should increase pressure by reshoring critical manufacturing back to the country and strengthening the American Navy.

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