Aversion Therapy Is Back, And It’s Coming From The Trans Lobby

In the 1950s, any sign of sexual attraction by effeminate men was common. They were often referred to conversion therapy. This involved a series pseudoscientific procedures. “treatments” — from nausea-inducing drugs to brain surgeries and ice baths — designed to rid them of their homosexual urges.

While I’m a Protestant theologically orthodox who believes in my faiths’ historic teachings on marriage, sexual ethics, and I hope we can all agree to not prescribe bodily harm for any kind of reason “solution” Refusing to conform to sexual roles and stereotypes is unacceptable. It is also problematic to force people under duress to create attraction that doesn’t exist.

But almost a century later, all this is still happening, but this time it’s transgender activists who’re perpetuating it. Take a look at the illustration I tweeted from a lesbian dating app friend a few days back:

My post provoked a fierce backlash. “You’re just jealous because these women are more beautiful than you’ll ever be.” “Eat a bullet, bigot!” It’s similar to 1950s-style aversion therapies all over again, except that the conditioning doesn’t limit itself to a clinic; it is completely consumed by every corner of society. “You will be attracted to the people we have chosen for you, or else!”

The trans lobby is fighting a war against the sexual orientation. “genital preferences,” Which are now Considered “transphobic.”

Bigotry accusations

My friend’s experience with this isn’t a one-off. Last week was a heated panel discussion It went viral A young woman attacked a man she said he would never get to date. “transwoman” Because he is not attracted to males. You can see her storm off the stage as she attacks the young man’s character and refuses to continue the discussion, citing him. “bigotry.”

The young man calmly explained that he wasn’t attracted to males. “Shut the f-ck up, bigot,” Her passionate response was overwhelming.

Similar to Bill Maher A gay man was recently invited to our house Who said it on his show? “Gay men are being told, if you do not want to have sex with a vagina, you’re actually a bigot.” 

For years, lesbians have been complaining about a similar reality. They documented the misogynistic entitlement they often encounter from men dressed in dresses. There are many lesbians praising the state their lesbian dating sites. They are now overloaded with profiles of straight men pretending they’re women on social media. Lesbians who complain about the site’s content are kicked off for their prejudice against the entitled men. You can read the book “If you really want deep into this rabbit hole.The cotton ceilingYou should expect to be really surprised by what you discover.

It would be terrible enough if there was only social stigma attached to resistance, but it isn’t. Big Pharma’s latest cash cow is Aversion Therapy. It generates millions of dollars from the insecurity of a whole new group of gender-nonconforming children.

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