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Atlanta Rioters Prove Elite Colleges Are Breeding Grounds Of Domestic Terrorism

Oberlin College, Barnard College, American University, New York University, and the University of Maine — these are just some of the alma maters Some of the most privileged rioters in recent times Atlanta arrest. They were charged with domestic terrorist, criminal trespass and aggravated assault as well as other violations of Georgian law.

The rioters — driven to defend a forest and prevent a police training center from opening — had allegedly been attacking police officers and EMTs, vandalizing public and private property, and preventing access to private land. During the arrests law enforcement found gasoline, road flares mortar-style fireworks and edged weapons.

This would be upsetting, but perhaps unsurprising, if these crimes were committed by affected locals — a displaced homeowner, an angry taxpayer, or families affected by police violence. These young people are a traveling group of suspected criminals hailing from Washington, Maine, Minnesota and Nevada. Today they riot under the alias “Defend the Atlanta Forest”, but tomorrow it could be any of the nearly. 600 Groups that support Defend Atlanta Forest’s cause.

We would be curious to know how the well-off in their 20s or 30s became radicalized if these rioters terrorized neighborhoods under ISIS/Hamas banners. These young adults were not subject to any oppression from the Atlanta loggers nor by ultra-trained officers. They have traveled thousands of miles to get to squat in the forest, despite having explosives with them. “defend” Half a mile of property they have not seen, and they oppose the training police officers they will never meet.

They are driven by the Belief That “police disproportionately harm and imprison black people and people of color” And that the training center will “escalate this structural commitment to racist harm.” They are convinced of this. “ecological destruction constitutes a grave threat to life on Earth,” Particularly “Atlanta’s black communities,” Atlanta without these trees will be at risk of flooding and could lose its breeding ground. “many amphibians.”

If this training center was going to promote rampant racism against blacks, Atlanta would flood. “life on Earth” To deteriorate, perhaps I would also be forest squatting.

The evidence supports that police actions are driven by criminal behavior and not skin color. Despite our focus on the worst weather, data shows that today’s citizens are more prepared for any kind of disaster. It is safer from weather — thanks to wealth, driven by energy and innovation. We have thousands more polar bears We are now more familiar with humpback whales (at least up until) The windmills They do more harm than good.

Although it’s positive, the truth is complex. Radicals care not about the truth, they care about a dogma. Unfortunately, American universities have dogmas.

Let’s take an overview of some course offerings at Oberlin College. It is easy to find. “Critical Race Theory in Education” Teachers Students about “manifestations of racism in the American school system.” “History of Race in American Cities and Suburbs” explores “interracial and interethnic contestation/struggle.” “Climate Change” Questions Students to examine climate change through the prism of “apocalypse” And “dystopia.”

It’s not surprising that Oberlin graduates aren’t arrested in Atlanta. The common theme seems to be that American civilization — schools, cities, productivity — is the enemy.

We would be monitoring institutions in Afghanistan and Syria if they were promoting an anti-American narrative that leads to violence. We wouldn’t reward these institutions with large sums of federal money, at most.

It is also possible here. Oberlin College would like to “teach”Queer Trauma Narratives“So be it. It’s a country that is free. Federal money should be used only in the public interest. It is past time to question whether universities support it.

May Mailman, a senior fellow at Independent Women’s Law Center.

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