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Atlanta Rioters Face Domestic Terrorism Charges: Report

Nearly twenty-six people arrested in connection domestic terrorist charges could be brought against the perpetrators of violence on the site for a future police training centre in Atlanta.

According to Jail Records, 23 people were taken into custody by Georgia Bureau of Investigation for domestic terrorist charges. local NBC affiliate 11 Alive.

According to The Associated Press, the domestic terrorism offense is a felony. carries a penalty up to 35 years in prison.

A group of police officers were arrested and charged with the murders. “violent agitators” Wearing all-black “used the cover of a peaceful protest” And conducted an “coordinated attack” At the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center’s construction site, where critics call “The Block” “Cop City.”

Police said that people launched fireworks, threw bricks and large stones, as well as Molotov cocktails, during the melee. Some construction equipment was also set ablaze.

Officers “exercised restraint” Police said that they used non-lethal force to arrest at least 35 persons. Authorities noted that no officers sustained injuries.

Chris Carr, Georgia Attorney General, stated that several of the arrested people on Sunday were originally from Canada, New York, France and Massachusetts.

“So this is a national network, an international group of people that are organized to come to our state to undermine a public safety training center,” He added the following Monday morning appearance on Fox News.

After the Atlanta City Council approved the $90million training center in 2021, construction started in a forest area.

In a statementBrian Kemp, Georgia Republican governor “domestic terrorism will NOT be tolerated in this state,” And they have been pledged “We will not rest until those who use violence and intimidation for an extremist end are brought to full justice.”

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