Police say that a group of 30 thieves stole $300K worth of merchandise from a high-end fashion store in California.

A Daring Heist: Thieves Rob Yves Saint Laurent Store in California

In a shocking incident that​ unfolded ⁢in broad daylight, a group of at least 30 thieves targeted a Yves Saint Laurent store‍ in southern California, making off​ with an⁤ estimated $300,000 ​worth of merchandise. The daring smash-and-grab robbery, captured on video, took place at the Americana at Brand mall in Glendale, just north‍ of Los Angeles.

The footage from the incident reveals a scene straight out of a movie, with⁣ over a dozen individuals dressed in dark clothes, hoods, and masks storming into the store. They swiftly grabbed ⁣armfuls of expensive merchandise before fleeing the scene.

Amidst the chaos, an Amazon delivery driver attempted to‌ apprehend one of ‌the thieves, but the culprit managed to break free and escape into a waiting red sedan. Concerned onlookers advised​ the driver⁢ not to risk his safety, emphasizing that it wasn’t worth getting hurt by the getaway car.

“Our community⁤ is very protective of this city, and we​ understand that, but we have to be protective of them,” Sergeant Victor Jackson⁢ told KTLA.

“We ‌don’t want them to intervene in something⁣ like this. This is ultimately ⁣a property⁤ crime that we’re not going to stand for, but we want them to be safe,” the officer said.

Glendale Police Chief Manny Cid assured the public that such criminal activities⁢ would not be tolerated in the city. He pledged an increased police presence downtown and vowed ⁢to utilize ‌all available resources to bring the perpetrators to justice.


Caruso, the company that owns the mall where the Yves Saint Laurent store is located, is offering a $50,000 reward for any information leading ​to the arrest and conviction of the‍ culprits. They emphasized their⁢ commitment to maintaining a safe environment for their guests, tenants, residents, and employees.

Unfortunately,‌ California has been⁣ grappling with a surge in smash-and-grab robberies in recent years. Just last month, another group of ​masked thieves stole $900,000 worth of merchandise from a jewelry store in Irvine, further highlighting the severity of the issue.

In response to the escalating crime rates, stores⁣ in San Francisco have implemented unprecedented security ‌measures to combat shoplifting. Some ‍major retailers have even relocated from downtown San Francisco due to the spike in crime and ⁣dwindling foot traffic.

Critics argue that the‍ lenient approach of California’s progressive prosecutors towards shoplifters has emboldened these groups of thieves, ‌as they rarely face significant‌ criminal consequences for their actions.

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