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Biden Protests, Trump Reveals Biden’s Sole Encounter with Hard Work

As Biden Pickets, Trump Deals Brutal Truth About ‘The Only Time Joe ⁢Biden Has Ever Gotten His Hands Dirty’

Strikers with⁣ the United Auto Workers have been‌ on the⁤ picket line for two weeks, fighting for higher​ wages against ⁣major U.S. auto manufacturers. Surprisingly, ​President Joe Biden decided to ⁣join them for ‌a mere 12 minutes. It⁤ seems that “Union Joe” or “Lunch Pail ⁤Joe” had more important ​things to do, like attending a‍ fundraiser with ​big-dollar donors‌ in California.

Trump, on the other hand, was in Detroit speaking ​to auto workers and took the opportunity to criticize Biden. He pointed out that Biden’s​ hands were only dirty with foreign ​money,​ not from any⁣ real ‍blue-collar work.

Trump argued that the UAW’s demands‍ were irrelevant because⁢ the move to electric vehicles would ultimately lead to job losses and harm the economy. He also took a jab ⁣at⁣ Biden’s supposed⁣ blue-collar image, highlighting his⁢ questionable financial dealings with foreign countries.

Biden is currently facing an impeachment inquiry regarding allegations of peddling ‍influence through his son, Hunter⁤ Biden. The Democratic Party ‌is adamant that there is‌ no ⁤evidence of wrongdoing, but ‍Trump and others‌ argue otherwise.

It’s‍ not just Biden who is getting his hands dirty; the rest of the Democratic Party is involved ‍as​ well. However, their actions don’t ⁤involve physical work like the striking auto employees​ who are fighting ‌for their⁤ rights.

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