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Thief Receives ‘John Wick’ Retaliation for Targeting the Wrong Woman

The summary discusses a Chicago woman‌ who defended herself ‌against an armed thug in‍ a city likened to Gotham. This act of‍ bravery is highlighted in the article titled “Armed Thug Gets ‘John Wick’ Treatment ​After Picking⁢ Wrong Girl to Mess With” on The Western Journal’s‍ website. The ⁣post delves⁣ into the woman’s courageous response to the threat she faced.⁢ The⁢ summary narrates⁢ the​ story of a courageous Chicago woman who defended herself from an armed thug in a ‌city⁣ compared⁢ to Gotham. It emphasizes her bravery in the article “Armed Thug Gets ‘John‍ Wick’ Treatment After ‍Picking Wrong Girl to Mess With” on ⁣The Western Journal’s website,‍ delving into her bold⁢ response‍ to the danger encountered.

Chicago has turned into Gotham City, and there’s no superhero watching for the Bat Signal. But instead of just giving in, one Chicago woman defended herself when a punk pulled […]

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