Arizona Supreme Court rejects majority of Kari Lake’s governor race appeal

The Arizona Supreme Court declined to hear the majority of Kari Lake‘s appeal of the 2022 governor’s race, in which she lost to now-Gov. Katie Hobbs (D-AZ), but it revived a claim that a trial court had dismissed.

A case challenging the use of personal verification methods for early voting ballots was sent back to a preliminary court for review by the state’s high court. The Supreme Court, however, overruled the majority of her appeals court problem to the event’s result, claiming that she lacked sufficient proof to do so in February.


The previous candidate for governor accepted her modest victory and expressed her joy at the Supreme Court’s decision.

According to Lake, Maricopa County’s fingerprint verification procedure is” a place of cards.” My company may have the opportunity to overturn it as a result of this decision.

Without supporting any evidence, Lake, a MAGA Republican who was one of many candidates backed by former President Donald Trump who lost their plans, has asserted that Hobbs’ victory was the result of extensive election fraud and that her culture had been rigged from the start. Hobbs defeated her by a margin of really over 17,000 seats.

Lake did not concede his tribes after losing the midterm elections in November, unlike the majority of poll creationists.

Kari Lake leaves after giving a speech at the CPAC 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference on March 4 in Oxon Hill, Maryland.

As soon as the results were revealed, Lake started her campaign to reverse the election. She initially had her suit dismissed by Maricopa County Judge Peter Thompson, which led her to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. Lake, according to Thompson, lacked” clear or encouraging evidence” of designed misconduct.

She concentrated mainly on vote printers experiencing issues at some polling locations in Maricopa County, which is home to more than 60 % of Arizona voters. Votes produced by ineffective printers were too tiny for on-site tabulators to view, leading to severe backups in lines all over the county.

Nevertheless, Maricopa County authorities frequently updated their citizens and declared that every vote had the opportunity to cast a ballot afterward.

While a see called to testify on Lake’s representative confirmed the scantily printed votes, the judge in the appeals that noted that their opinion that the ineffectual ballot disenfranchised citizens was unfounded.


In the middle of February, Lake vowed to present her case to the Supreme Court.

After the pertains decision was overturned, she tweeted,” I told you we would get this case all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court, and that’s really what we are going to do.” ” Get moving, America!”

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