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Arizona lawmaker files complaint alleging Democratic governor misused state funds, demands investigation.

An Arizona State Representative Calls for Investigation into Governor’s Alleged Misuse of State Funds

An Arizona state representative has filed a complaint with the state’s attorney general, urging an investigation into Governor Katie Hobbs’s alleged use of state funds to influence elections. This move comes after the representative sought legal guidance from Arizona attorney general Kristin Mayes in March, which was declined by Mayes, a Democrat.

Concerns Over Political Fundraising

In his initial request, the representative sought clarification on whether the governor-elect could raise money for political groups through a state website promoting inaugural events. Livingston argues that Hobbs used the state website,, to raise funds for her inaugural ceremony, linking to a “Katie Hobbs Inauguration Fund” and providing options for contributions and sponsorships.

Allegations and Legal Disputes

The complaint alleges that Hobbs used the state website to raise money for the Arizona Democratic Party and a nonprofit entity called the Katie Hobbs Inaugural Fund. Records show that the Inaugural Fund paid a significant amount to the Elias Law Group, the firm that represented Hobbs in a complaint filed by her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, regarding the 2022 gubernatorial election.

Request for Investigation

Livingston argues that Mayes has the authority to investigate potential violations of state law and cites a previous lawsuit filed by Mayes against Cochise County as an example. However, Mayes declined the request, citing “factual disputes” surrounding the matter.

Contested Election

Kari Lake, the Republican candidate endorsed by former President Trump, lost to Hobbs in a closely contested election. Since then, Lake has filed multiple lawsuits and legal challenges related to the election.

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