‘Are You One Of Those People?’: Caitlyn Jenner Won’t Say Whether She Believes Trump Won The 2020 Election

Caitlyn Jenner refused to tell Joy Behar whether she believed former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

The aspiring Republican California gubernatorial candidate joined Thursday’s broadcast of “The View” on ABC, and she blew off the question entirely. “I’m not going to get into that. That election is over with,” she said. (RELATED: ‘I Just Wound Up Going To Play Golf’: Caitlyn Jenner Reveals She Didn’t Vote In 2020)


Jenner kept her comments on the show focused primarily on Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom and what she viewed as his failures.

“I’m the best person for the job. I am a common sense person. I also attract a lot of good for the people of this state. Gavin Newsom has done nothing but do things for special interests,” Jenner said. “That’s why he’s in a recall right now. He’s done such a terrible job. I can come in as a fresh face —”

“Caitlyn, you’ve said all that,” Behar interrupted. “Thank you for that. I want to ask you something before we go because we’re out of time. Something that’s important for me to know. You say you’re a Republican. A lot of Republicans in this country believe that Donald Trump won the election and not Joe Biden. Are you one of those people, one of those Republicans?”

“I’m not going to get into that. That election is over with,” Jenner said, adding, “I think Donald Trump did some good things. What I liked about Donald Trump —”

“Did he win the election?” Behar interrupted again, repeating her question.

“He was a disrupter when he was president. I want to do the same thing,” Jenner ignored the question and continued. “I want to go in and be a thoughtful disrupter in Sacramento. We need to change the system. I want to change that system for the positive. I’m in it for the people.”

“I have to cut you off,” Whoopi Goldberg cut in as the segment came to an end.

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