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AOC’s Twitter Meltdown Continues

AOC’s Twitter Meltdown Continues

As we reported on Wednesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) was having a fit over Elon Musk’s new proposal to charge $8 a month for being verified (having a blue-check mark) and some other services that went along with it. She termed it as charging for “free speech,” indicating that the socialist doesn’t understand that basic concept enshrined in our Constitution. Elon responded, hilariously demanding her $8 and then noting AOC charged $58 for an overpriced sweatshirt, completely besting her in that exchange, tweeting far fewer words.

But because of that AOC couldn’t let it go and continued to melt down. She continued to whine about her great misfortune of being asked for eight dollars. She even accused Musk of somehow inhibiting her traffic.

Now, she didn’t get under his skin, he was having fun with a lot of people asking for money. But she was one of the ones who couldn’t take it.

AOC is insecure and always projecting. She tried to take a shot at Musk being “over-leveraged” — saying people should “Remember that next time you question yourself or your qualifications.”

She melted down so much that she even made a video accusing him of shutting her down.

Political campaigns don’t provide real goods — they provide things like AOC. And did anyone ever tell her not to eat with her mouth full? This is such a strange whiny rant.

Musk doesn’t give a rap about her melting down and I’m willing to bet money he didn’t do anything to her Twitter feed, it’s just her whining as she usually does. He couldn’t be bothered enough with her. She acts like such a 12-year-old girl.

But what’s interesting here is suddenly she’s concerned that she might be getting shadowbanned. She didn’t give a darn about it when it was happening to conservatives under the former Twitter powers-that-be. Suddenly, she cares, because suddenly the left is not in control of Twitter anymore. They aren’t going to be coddled anymore, they’re going to be treated like everyone else. Oh, my, the shock! That’s the real problem here for her.

The liberal tears over this are delicious. It’s $8. They spend more than that on coffee for a couple of mornings. AOC is making $174,000 a year, just with her job in Congress. But she just can’t let it go. He’s not going to date her and yes, he’s achieved far more than she ever will. He’s the CEO of multiple companies, has sent people into space, and employs thousands of people. She was a socialist bartender. I get why she feels deficient. But the change is here and the tears aren’t going to get her out of having to pay the $8.

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