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‘Anyone Could Be Next’: Judiciary Chairman Jordan Alerts to Government’s Attack on Civil Liberties

Americans’ Constitutional Civil Liberties Under Attack, Warns House Judiciary Committee Chairman

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has raised concerns about the increasing violation of Americans’ constitutional civil liberties by irresponsible government officials. He also highlighted the retaliation faced by whistleblowers who expose such violations, including the loss of pay and positions.

In his opening statement during a committee hearing on June 21, Jordan warned that the targeting of individuals is not limited to former President Donald Trump. He stated, “Seven years of attacking Trump is scary enough, but what’s more frightening is any one of us could be next. In fact, it’s already started. Parents at school board meetings are terrorists; pro-life Catholics are extremists, and even journalists aren’t safe.”

The hearing aimed to question special counsel John Durham on his report regarding the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation during the 2016 presidential campaign. Durham’s report, spanning 306 pages, revealed how FBI officials rushed to investigate allegations of collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russian intelligence without proper justification. It also highlighted the FBI’s failure to investigate evidence of potential wrongdoing by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Jordan further pointed out the violation of First Amendment principles by federal officials. He mentioned letters from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to Twitter, demanding the names of journalists the social media platform was in contact with. Jordan emphasized that Democrats on the committee were asking journalists to reveal their sources, which is a direct infringement on their rights.

‘Anyone Could Be Next’: Judiciary Chairman Jordan Alerts to Government’s Attack on Civil Liberties

Whistleblowers face the harshest consequences for coming forward and exposing the truth. Jordan highlighted the case of Garrett O’Boyle, an FBI agent who testified before the committee about retaliation from the Department of Justice for sharing critical information with Congress. Such actions against federal employees providing information to Congress are prohibited by law.

Legal experts and advocates for civil liberties agree with Jordan’s assessment. Some attribute the violations to President Joe Biden and his administration, while others point to the unchecked power and influence of federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

Kristen Waggoner, CEO and general counsel of the Alliance Defending Freedom, expressed concern about the increasing attacks on free speech by the Biden administration and its allies. She emphasized the need to protect the precious freedoms promised in the First Amendment.

Kelly Shackleford, president of First Liberty Institute, argued that the Biden administration operates with different standards depending on people’s beliefs or politics. However, he also highlighted the victories in the courts that have helped preserve precious freedoms, including landmark Supreme Court decisions on religious freedom.

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