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Antifa Activist Shoots, Critically Wounds Seattle Police Detective

Seattle police officials and Antifa activists square off in 2020 / Getty Images

Seattle authorities revealed this week that a transgender Antifa advocate who is now deceased shot and seriously injured the police detective on Monday.

Nathan Stolsig, a 29-year-old advocate, shot policeman David Easterly in the torso after receiving an eviction notice from three representatives, according to the Post Millennial. Stolsig, a transgender woman by the name of” Eucytus ,” belonged to the Democratic Socialists of America( DSA ), an organization that actively supported the BLM-Antifa riots in 2020.

The suspect was discovered dead inside a barricaded room by the deputies, and the King County medical examiner determined that Stolsig had been shot by himself. According to the Post Millenial, Easterly is still in the hospital and is in critical situation.

In a statement in response to Stolsig’s passing, the DSA referred to eviction as” widespread crime.” The DSA aims to start” police militarization” and abolish prisons.

The shooting occurred as anti-police protesters from Antifa wreaked devastation in Atlanta this past January while carrying bombs. A police van was set on fire, organisations were harmed, and a police post was rocked by rioters.

Seattle’s property damage from the 2020 BLM protests was estimated to be in the thousands, and business owners were compensated. Police were partially barricaded out of the” CHAZ” neighborhood at the time, where there were numerous murders that resulted in the deaths of two teenagers.

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