Singer’s streaming numbers plummet after sexual harassment lawsuit.

The Rise and Fall of Lizzo: A Lesson‌ in Authenticity

I ​believe the “body positivity” movement⁢ began with good intention and⁣ was desperately needed. Women​ from the 1960s on were being fed the narrative “that to be‍ stick thin was to ⁢be beautiful.” It was an ‍unachievable goal ‍for most.

Hours at the gym, excessive dieting, and deteriorating ​mental health became the‌ norm. It​ was all overwhelming. ‌Women felt under attack and unaccepted. At⁢ the same time, America was⁤ only getting fatter. We are the fattest we have ‍ever been‍ as a nation. And the unhealthiest as ⁣a result as⁢ the correlation between ‍weight and health is ‍primary. Just ask any doctor.

Instead of⁣ finding ‌a true solution to the ​issue,⁣ however, the liberal left decided to reframe⁤ fatness as beautiful,‌ removing all responsibility for the excess​ weight from the individual ‌and telling everyone⁤ that they must agree with the ‍new standard. ⁢The pendulum was forced to swing the other way now by the woke mob, and this ‌unhealthy state of‌ being was ⁣latched onto​ by those seeking ‌relief from ⁤the alternate.

You can’t blame‍ them as the‌ new narrative makes life all too easy. “Eat as much as you want and you will still be regarded as beautiful by society. Anyone ‌who doesn’t agree, we will ⁤attack.”

The dirty little secret is that no one truly agrees at all, not even Lizzo, the body ⁢positivity icon who sold herself on this message, only to ⁤reveal her true thoughts ⁣when given a lot of money ​and a bit‍ of rope.

Lizzo is‍ now being seen​ as a fraud by​ the very audience that​ made her. Their shock at the recent allegations portraying Lizzo as everything that ​she said she wasn’t has sent her entire career spiraling. No longer ⁢a champion among them, Lizzo’s⁢ character has​ been called ​into question.

She ‍has lost her ‌genuinity, and ‌that is unforgivable among ​her fans, simply because it throws the entire narrative into question. They feel used. And⁣ they see her ‌as a con artist that raked in millions by taking advantage of their personal struggle. They must also‍ return⁤ to the drawing board regarding ⁢their ‍weight and health.

To me and ⁤others, however, Lizzo’s manufactured personae was apparent had they only looked a little deeper, connected⁤ the ⁤dots, and not been so eager to ‌believe. It was a side that was hiding in ⁣plain sight. One of the most vocal‌ anti-Trump activists, the woman that now finds ⁢herself at⁤ the center ⁣of Lizzogate,⁤ had publicly demonstrated the depth of ‍her⁢ character in a video following Trump losing the 2020 election.

Calling “bye, b****!” ‌as⁣ she ⁢rode away in ⁣ laughter ​on a jet‌ ski according to X, ⁢the platform formerly known as Twitter, ⁢Lizzo ‍outed ​herself in a way that should have provided her‌ fans with⁢ a clue as to who the artist really was.⁤ It is a lesson ⁣in maturity for certain.

WARNING: The following tweet contains vulgar language that some may‌ find offensive.

It could ⁤have been​ because⁣ her fans ‌might have disliked Trump ​ themselves that ‌her⁢ bad behavior was overlooked by them. However, excuse ⁢it under less ⁢palatable circumstances ‌with regards, seems like all too much. ⁣The punishment in plummeting sales from 2,000 to 30‌ a day as well as nosediving streaming and airplay numbers are​ forcing ​Lizzo to scramble for a defense, Breitbart reported.

At the center of the controversy ⁤are three‌ former ‍tour dancers Arianna ​Davis,⁤ Crystal ‌Williams, and⁢ Noelle Rodriguez who filed a complaint on Tuesday in Los Angeles, according to Breitbart. The allegations‌ these⁣ women put forth depict Lizzo⁢ as being “anything but‌ what she‍ seems.”

Having allegedly ⁢placed the ladies in a variety⁤ of compromising positions, she also purportedly‌ fat-shamed them⁣ on more than‍ one occasion. In addition, Lizzo allegedly used⁢ her power and authority to pressure these ⁤women ⁤to engage in lewd and demeaning acts. None of‍ this is new ‌to the entertainment industry, but ⁢it is certainly new to Lizzo’s understood personality…or‍ maybe not.

According to Breitbart, Lizzo ​took her dancers to a‍ strip club in Amsterdam where she ‍forced them to participate in⁣ a ​variety of disgusting and degrading activities. Ideally, ‍these women should have gotten up ‍and walked out. That is what I⁣ would have wanted my own daughter to ⁤do.

“Youth, inexperience, and ‍consequence” must be factored into situations ‍like these prior to placing any judgment. It is not ⁢hard ‍to understand⁣ how all this went ‍down when you look back over your own life and remember how much⁣ you learned from your own imperfect moments and less-than-stellar decisions.

Empowerment through the demoralization of others has no place in society. Specific to women, it sets us back and taints how we are‍ viewed as well as ⁣how we view each other.

This​ is⁣ not Lizzo’s first rodeo though. Attorney⁣ Ron Zambrano, who‌ is representing the three⁤ plaintiffs, has⁣ been receiving​ regular outreach⁣ from others who share similar ⁢stories about Lizzo.

Claims depicting a ‌ hostile‍ work environment, weight-shaming, and⁤ sexually explicit indecency continue to be collected by the attorney.⁤ This includes that from‌ filmmaker Sophia Nahli ‍Allison who canned⁤ a documentary she had‌ been filming about the singer after two weeks of coping ⁣with Lizzo’s tyrannical behavior.

WARNING: The following tweet contains vulgar language that some‍ may find offensive.

“I was treated​ with such disrespect by ⁣her. I witnessed how arrogant, self-centered, ⁢and ⁤unkind she is.”

Although previously noting ⁤that she may ⁣eventually leave⁢ the music industry to ‌go and live on ⁢a farm, Lizzo has‍ presently come out swinging in her own defense. Efforts to cast a dark shadow ​over the ⁣plaintiffs’ accusations while substantiating her own ‍pristine character ⁢by way of⁣ throwing every one of them under the bus⁢ are in⁤ full throttle.

WARNING: The following tweet contains ‌vulgar language that some may find‌ offensive.

The biggest problem that Lizzo faces‍ in winding Lizzogate back is that Davis, Williams, and Rodriguez weren’t the only ones ⁢complaining…just the first. She also placed‍ an⁣ exclamation point ⁢on who she really is in her crass attack on Trump.

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