Anti-Life Protesters Plan on Shutting Down SCOTUS Ahead of Roe Ruling

A liberal activist group called “Shut Down DC” is reportedly going to attempt to make good on its name tomorrow. They aren’t looking to close down the entire city, however. They just want to blockade the Supreme Court. According to the group’s website, they will block off the three vehicular access points to the Supreme Court building, preventing the justices from entering and doing their work. And why would they do this? Because they believe that the court is about to hand down a ruling that would effectively overturn Roe v. Wade. How they think that’s going to stop the ruling from taking effect isn’t specified, but this doesn’t sound like a plan that a lot of thought was put into anyway. (NY Sun)

The activist group “Shut Down DC” plans to “blockade the streets around the Supreme Court” on Monday, according to its website, as part of a protest that aims to “shut down” the Supreme Court as it prepares to hand down a ruling that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

The protest is planned amid rising fears about the safety of Supreme Court justices following the arrest, in the middle of the night Wednesday outside the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, of an armed man who reportedly said he intended to kill the justice.

The incident led to criticism of Senator Schumer for past comments appearing to threaten Supreme Court justices. It also raised pressure on the House to pass a measure, already approved by the Senate, to expand security protections for high court justices and their families.

Wait a minute here… I’m confused. The people on the January 6 committee assured us that shutting down the normal functions of government was an insurrection. Shutting down the highest level of the judicial branch must be an insurrection, right? Will all of these people be tracked down by the FBI and given lengthy prison sentences? (Don’t hold your breath.)

“Guess what, we’re gonna #ShutDownSCOTUS on Monday,” the group said Thursday on its Twitter account in a message that also featured an image of the Supreme Court’s calendar for June. The group’s website says “SHUT DOWN SCOTUS,” in all capital letters.

It’s not as if the group is trying to hide what their purpose is or mislead the public. Right on their website, it says that the blockade will be a way to “continue to escalate the crisis in democracy.” So at least they’re being honest about it I suppose.

They are also describing the protest as a technique to end the filibuster in the Senate. I’m guessing that Shut Down DC didn’t think to recruit any constitutional scholars in their membership. How the Supreme Court could alter the internal rules of the Senate is yet another mystery. They are coequal branches of the federal government and the Constitution leaves it up to the House and the Senate to establish their own rules of order.

This threatened blockade of the Supreme Court building should remind us once again of a speech given by Chuck Schumer earlier this year. You know… the one where he called out two conservative justices by name and said, “you have unleashed the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you.” Is this what he was talking about? Or was he thinking more along the lines of the maniac who was arrested outside of Associate Justice Kavanaugh’s house and told the police that he wanted to assassinate him?

All of this is taking place while a bill to provide enhanced security to protect the lives of the justices remains stalled in the House after passing in the Senate by unanimous consent. Nancy Pelosi could bring that bill up for a vote at the drop of a hat, but she’s not doing it. You really have to wonder why. Perhaps she doesn’t want any extra barriers standing in the way of Chuck Schumer’s “whirlwind.”

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