Another Transportation Crisis Is Brewing Thanks to Buttigieg

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) faced a system-wide outage three months ago due to the failure of its NOTAM system. This time around, the FAA’s air traffic controller staffing shortfall has forced airlines to cancel flights for the busy spring and summer travel season. The system’s disadvantageous plan to reduce flight requirements by up to 10% has caused JetBlue, United Airlines, and Delta Air Lines to adjust their schedules. On the bright side, it is thought that the move will help reduce congestion in airports during this period. However, these reductions will have a severe financial impact on airlines, with JetBlue expected to be hit the hardest due to its heavy use of New York City airports for its operations.

With fewer flights available, travelers will be affected adversely by higher ticket prices and lower options in available seats. The FAA’s staffing shortfall data implies that the Department of Transportation, helmed by Pete Buttigieg, Biden’s appointed Secretary, has not done enough to address staffing issues. Besides, even though the FAA Administrator position remains unfilled after Phil Washington pulled out from his nomination, Buttigieg still has accountability as Biden’s Transport Secretary for the changes and outcomes of the FAA.

Summer travel demands have been on the rise since the COVID-19 regulations eased, with no expectations of slowing down given the consistent demand. The fact that the FAA, Buttigieg, or Biden could not avert the problem has led to slashed flight schedules. It’s unknown if the Biden administration officials will be accountable for neglecting to manage the air transportation system.

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