Ancient Therapy Promotes Self-Healing, Cures Goiter Without Surgery

The metabolism is controlled by the thyroid gland, an important endocrine body. Western treatment for thyroid conditions such as goiter often includes surgical resection—a procedure to remove tissue, or part or all of an organ.

Dr. Yuen Oi-lin, a registered traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner in Hong Kong, explained how TCM treatment of thyroid disease starts with regulating the immune system and enhancing the body’s self-healing capability—without surgery or relapse.

It is located below the Adam’s Apple at the base, and it looks like a small butterfly. Part of the endocrine system, the thyroid gland secretes hormones that control the metabolic processes of every organ in the body—including the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems, bones, skin, and ovaries, and can even affect one’s mood.

“Hyperthyroidism” It occurs when your thyroid gland is too active and speeds up the body’s metabolism. Those with hyperthyroidism are prone to rapid heartbeat, irritability, light or missed menstrual cycles, anxiety, hair, and weight loss, and can lead to arrhythmia.

“Hypothyroidism” When the thyroid gland is inactive, it can result in fatigue, depression, poor concentration, dry skin, hair, frequent menstruation and joint or muscle pain.

The condition of goiter, where the thyroid gland is affected by swelling, can be quite common. According to data About five percent of Americans suffer from the condition according to Johns Hopkins Hospital. An enlarged thyroid can be caused by an underactive or overactive thyroid or nodules or inflammation. Although an enlarged thyroid does not usually lead to cancer, it can cause problems swallowing and coughing.

Thyroid diseases can be diagnosed and treated. (Shutterstock)

TCM Regulations the Body: Tumors and fluid buildup disappear

Patients with nontoxic (simple) goiter should be kept in observation. Surgery should be performed if the swelling is too severe that it affects swallowing and breathing. It can be caused by hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) or hyperthyroidism. Medicine may then be prescribed to maintain thyroid function.

Yuen treated once a patient suffering from a benign thyroid cancer. Six months later, the patient was to undergo surgery at a local hospital. The tumor had shrunk significantly after she received TCM treatments with Chinese medicine as well as acupuncture for two to three month. Her tumor shrank significantly when she was able to return home.

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