Americans Are Fed Up and Want the Border Wall Completed

With under one month to go before the November midterm election, Americans appear beyond ready to tell the Biden administration what they think about open borders and the illegal immigration crisis.

A new Issues & Insights (I&I)/TIPP poll shows that a majority of Americans want the border wall, and they don’t think Democrats are the right folks to actually secure the border. 

Voters were asked, “Do you support or oppose building a wall along the border with Mexico?” Of those polled, 57% said they would like to see a wall, and 33% were opposed.

Drilling down a little bit, 39% strongly support the wall, while 20% strongly oppose.

Clearly, the Biden administration is not listening to the American people.

Democrats’ open-border policies are making our communities less safe.

Fentanyl is the number one killer of young people in our country. And open borders allow illegal drugs to flow into our communities.

We must secure our southern border.

— Ron Johnson (@RonJohnsonWI) October 17, 2022

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Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands In Texas

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Interestingly, and perhaps confusingly for politicos, the matter of which party would do a better job of securing the border is less certain. 

Overall, the GOP gets the nod here, 43% – 34%, which isn’t a blowout. But when you look at Independent voters, they believe the GOP would do a better job than the Democrats by a margin of 38% – 16%. For some reason, 46% of Independents are unsure who would do a better job. 

Perhaps they can’t be blamed for that, given that when Republicans controlled Congress in the first two years of President Trump’s term, they refused his requests to fund the wall.

At the time, Trump was requesting $5.7 billion. For perspective, the U.S. has sent Ukraine well over $60 billion just this year.

In Texas, many counties have decided that they are no longer waiting around for the federal government to act.

So far, 33 Texas counties have declared invasions in their counties, or support the decision by the state of Texas to declare an invasion at the border.

To illustrate just how out of control the situation is, McMullen County Judge James Teal signed a declaration of disaster in July in his county. McMullen County is the fourth least populated county in the state with around 600 residents.

Teal stated that just in May alone, “McMullen County law enforcement documented over 4,000 illegal aliens who avoided apprehension by Border Patrol and whose whereabouts are currently unknown.” Do a little math on that one.

Also very concerning, the number of people apprehended at the border who are on the terror watch list is now 78.

Biden is still barring unvaccinated Canadians from entering the United States as he allows two million presumably unvaccinated

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