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American support for same-sex relations has decreased by seven points since last year.

Americans’ support for same-sex relations has dropped seven points since last year, a new poll from Gallup found.

The annual Values and Beliefs poll, which was conducted by Gallup between May 1 and 24, measures Americans’ moral beliefs on a number of different topics, including divorce, the death penalty, abortion, and same-sex relationships.

“Last year, a record-high 71% of U.S. adults said gay or lesbian relations are morally acceptable. The figure has fallen back this year to 64%, returning to a level last seen in 2019,” Gallup noted in an article explaining the poll results.

Gallup attributes the sharp decline primarily to Republicans. While 56% of Republicans said that same-sex relations were acceptable last year, the figure has plummeted to 41%. The vast majority of Democrats, 79%, say that same-sex relations are morally acceptable, while 73% of Independents agree.

“The current figure is the lowest Gallup has measured for Republicans since 2014,” when it was 39%, Gallup states.

Meanwhile, acceptance of same-sex relationships remains significantly higher than it was in the recent past, however. In 2002, only 38% of Americans found same-sex relationships acceptable, while only 54% believed they were acceptable in 2012.

The poll also found that there was a three-point drop in the percentage of people who believe divorce to be morally acceptable, with 81% of respondents saying that it is acceptable in 2022, as opposed to 78% in 2023. The number of Americans who say that abortion is morally acceptable did not change between 2022 and 2023, remaining at 52%.

Approval for pornography usage experienced a slight decrease from 41% to 39%, while approval for sex between unmarried men and women dipped 4% from 76% to 72%.

The poll results come after a different Gallup poll found that Americans overwhelmingly believe that people should play in the sports league that corresponds with their sex. A full 69% of respondents say that athletes should only be able to play on “teams that match their birth gender.” The figure is up seven points from 2021.

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