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Amazon Jumps Into Commercial AI Race With Multiple Competitors To ChatGPT

Amazon has announced the upcoming release of several artificial intelligence (AI) products, positioning the company in the competition alongside other significant technology firms that recently unveiled similar solutions for consumers. The move comes after ChatGPT, an AI language processing tool, gained global recognition as knowledge workers employ its capacities to accomplish tasks such as writing e-mails and computer codes in seconds.

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Data and Machine Learning at Amazon Web Services, revealed on Thursday that the eCommerce giant would launch two AI models – Bedrock, which provides access to various AI models for text and images, and Titan, which incorporates two large language models used in tasks such as writing blog posts, information extraction from documents, and creating applications for personalization and search. Customers of Bedrock will have access to multilingual large language models, enabling them to generate content in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and Dutch.

CodeWhisperer, an AI computer coding assistant introduced last year, can generate real-time code suggestions, and will now be generally available and free for individual developers. In a productivity competition conducted by Amazon with CodeWhisperer, participants who used the AI system completed their tasks 57% faster and were 27% more likely to achieve success than those who didn’t.

Amazon CEO Andy Jassy remarked in a shareholder letter on the same day that the company has made significant investments in large language models and generative AI. Other significant technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Meta have also dived into mass market AI and have announced similar products in recent days.

The breakneck rollout of mass-market AI raises alarm among some technology leaders, including Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, who endorsed an open letter calling for a six-month moratorium on AI development. They expressed concern over possible substantial disruption in global labor markets as mass-market AI solutions proliferate, impacting employment in various sectors such as administrative support and legal.


Goldman Sachs Chief Economist Jan Hatzius and senior analysts recently noted in a report that generative AI systems could have potentially significant macroeconomic effects and produce significant disruption in worldwide labor markets.

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