Suspected drunk driver in South Carolina who caused bride’s death declined sobriety test.

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Drunk Driver Kills Bride After Wedding Reception

In a tragic incident, a bride was killed just hours after her wedding reception in Folly Beach, South Carolina. The alleged drunk driver accused of the crime refused to take a sobriety test. Watch the video below for more details:

Republican Scrutiny on Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is under Republican scrutiny regarding the botched Afghanistan Withdrawal and his relationship to Hunter Biden.

DOJ Arrests Nearly 300 Suspects in International Opioid Trafficking Operation

The Department of Justice has arrested nearly 300 suspects as part of an international operation tracking the illicit trafficking of dangerous opioids.

GOP Senators Speak Out Against Supreme Court Ethics Hearing

Republican Senators are speaking out against today’s hearing targeting Supreme Court ethics in the Senate Judiciary Committee, stating that it is not really about ethics and instead represents an effort to de-legitimize the court.

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