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Ahead of State of the Union, House Republicans Slam Biden for Ignoring Learning Loss

President Joe Biden Is expected During the State of the Union, to highlight the trillions of dollar that his administration has spent in COVID relief. But House Republicans say the relief effort has little to show for it—especially when it comes to the disastrous impact school shutdowns had on students.

Virginia Foxx (Republican from North Carolina), chair of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce said that she anticipates Biden will be there. “will refuse to mention … how his policies have failed students.” 

“Rather than focusing on protecting the rights of workers, job creators, students, and parents, the president will talk out of both sides of his mouth, showcasing his administration’s hypocrisy front and center for every American to see,” In a statement, she stated.

Foxx and Rep. James Comer, R., Ky., who are both members of the Oversight Committee, sent out a joint statement last year. Lettered Miguel Cardona, Education Secretary. He would like to see documentation regarding more than $120 Billion from Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Pandemic relief Public schools. The White House promised These funds would be used to hire tutors and offer more learning opportunities to students whose math and reading scores were affected by the pandemic. Only 20 percent must be spent on these funds. “address learning loss,” According to The Department of Education.

Foxx and Comer revealed since that some districts used the money To push for “antiracist” “implicit bias” TrainingInstead of a longer learning time, it is increased. Another report found that school boards are a significant source of student achievement. Electric school buses purchased—another Biden administration priority. Cardona did not respond to the legislators.

Biden could face difficulties with stimulus abuse, which he attacked Friday “extreme MAGA Republicans in the House” They are accused of fiscal irresponsibility.

“Jobs are up, wages are up, inflation is down, and COVID no longer controls our lives,” Biden Submitted Attendees at the Washington, D.C. reception of Democratic National Committee “But now, the extreme MAGA Republicans in the House of Representatives have made it clear they intend to put it all at risk. They intend to destroy it.”

The Education Department directed this. WashingTon Free Beacon to The portal is online The White House did not respond to a request for comment. The White House didn’t respond to a request for comments.

The Department of Education reported September that school closings had a negative impact on students’ test scores To fall dramatically Between 2020 and 2022. Students of color, Latinos, and black students were most affected by the learning loss. According to A Harvard study in 2022. COVID school closures

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