Adam Schiff claims Durham breached DOJ policy in House hearing.

Rep. Adam Schiff Accuses John Durham of Violating DOJ Protocol

During special counsel John Durham’s appearance before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) accused him of violating Justice Department protocol by speaking on a pending investigation. This accusation comes after Durham released his final report, which concluded that the FBI had no proper basis for launching its investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and former President Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Schiff Questions Durham’s Public Disagreement

During the hearing, Schiff questioned Durham about publicly disagreeing with Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s findings in the Crossfire Hurricane inquiry. Schiff asked, “When the inspector general issued a report, saying that the investigation was properly predicated, you spoke out — in violation of Department of Justice policy — to criticize the inspector general’s conclusions, didn’t you?”

Durham acknowledged issuing a public statement but claimed he was “not aware” of violating any policy. He emphasized that he did not make anonymous or third-party comments.

Debate Over Department Protocols

Schiff, who previously led the Congressional investigation into Russia and Trump, continued to assert that Durham violated department protocols. Durham responded, “I don’t know that. If I did, then I did, but I was not aware that I was violating some policy.”

Durham explained that he asked Horowitz to review evidence that he believed should impact parts of the report. Schiff challenged Durham’s intervention in an independent investigation, to which Durham defended his actions.

Their discussion became heated, prompting Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) to intervene and restore order.

Durham’s Report Fuels Republican Claims

Last month, Durham released his report, alleging that the FBI and DOJ had no basis for launching the investigation into alleged ties between Russia and Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. House Republicans have seized upon this report as evidence of the “weaponization” of the FBI and Justice Department, leading to further committee investigations, hearings, and testimonies.


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