Adam Kinzinger Continues Losing His Mind

What can be said about “Republican” Rep. Adam Kinzinger by freedom-loving Americans that hasn’t already been said? A lot more than I can publish on RedState. That I can tell you, as the Donald might say.

Aside from dishonoring the Illinois congressional seat to which he was elected by Republicans by failing to vote with the Republican Caucus, instead consistently siding with Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats, the intensity of Kinzinger’s stage 4 Trump Derangement Syndrome is exceeded only by his desperate desire to trot out to every TV camera he can find and promptly proceed to trash Donald Trump publicly.

The question begs an answer: What else can this guy do to embarrass himself and the office to which he was elected? To further let down his Republican colleagues? To embarrass the voters who elected him?

For starters, how about blasting a former copilot who flew with him in Iraq for having, in Kinzinger’s TDS-riddled opinion, more allegiance to Donald Trump than the U.S. Constitution?

Referring to his former copilot as “this guy,” Kinzinger tweeted:

This guy, Jeff Suran, was my copilot in Iraq and now an airline pilot. He has allegiance to Trump over his oath to the constitution.

Setting aside any sort of military code of conduct, is it just me — or is this unprofessional as hell?

Kinzinger was referring to comments made by an individual named Jeff Surran, of which Kinzinger being Kinzinger, posted a screenshot from a private Facebook group:

So we have a member on here who was partly responsible for the former President of the United States residence being stormed by the FBI today. I say f*** that anti-American POS [Rep. Kinzinger]. I wish I never met him or flew with him. He is a disgrace to this country and this group.

National Review’s Isaac Schorr used a different descriptor for Kinzinger’s response to Surran’s (correct) observation:

This is an *insane* thing for a congressman to tweet.

Not to mention petty.

IMGE content manager Beth Baumann aptly called the silliness “high school-level drama.”

A sitting member of Congress takes to Twitter to bitch about a former colleague bitching about him.

This is high school-level drama. Work it out in private.

At best.

Washington Free Beacon’s Chuck Ross noted another typical Kinginger trait on full display in his silly tweet:

Why are you airing something a regular Joe Blow posted in a private group out in public [sic]

Why? Because he’s Adam Kinzinger, of course.

Kinzinger was one of 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump in 2021 after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. He is one of two notorious House pretend-Republicans — the other being the equally-delusional Wyoming congresswoman, Liz Cheney — on the Jan. 6 Committee.

After serving in the House for more than a decade, Kinzinger’s political career has turned into a raging dumpster fire, principally brought about by his obsessive hatred of all things Donald Trump. As a result, he is not seeking another term in the 2022 midterms.

Hence, let’s take a short stroll down RedState’s Adam Kinzinger Lane:

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