A Sweet Potato And ‘The Wire’ Led To The Arrest Of A Suspect In A Decade-Old Homicide Case

After police found DNA on the victim’s sweet potato, a Massachusetts man was arrested and charged with the murder of Todd Lampley in 2011.

Devarus Hampton (40), was taken into custody Friday. He was arraigned Monday on murder, assault and battery with a deadly instrument charges, WCVB reported. Monday marked the 12 year anniversary of Lampley’s murder.

Lampley was a father of two young daughters from Mississippi who was found shot to his Hyannis home in Massachusetts on February 27, 2011. Police discovered shell casings, and a phone that was linked to Marlo Stanfield (a fictional character from the TV series). “The Wire.” The scene also contained a sweet potato, which was used in the show’s silencer. ABC News reported that the sweet potato in the scene had a hole. reported.

“The sweet potato appears to be used as a silencer,” First Assistant District Attorney Jessica Elumba told ABC.

Prosecutors found that the sweet potato had DNA. Elumba claimed that Hampton also had a GPS device, which was used in a previous crime. This GPS enabled Hampton to be at Lampley’s house at the time Lampley was killed.

Hampton was also found at a pond by GPS tracking the day following the murder. A gun was later recovered.

Authorities didn’t provide details about why Hampton was not arrested within 12 years.

“I can’t make a specific comment on the delay. The evidence was assessed as of now,” Russell Eonas Assistant District Attorney Telled Cape Cod Times


Hampton’s court-appointed defense lawyer Edward Fogarty said that his client was innocent, and that they would mount an appeal. “a vigorous defense.”

“It is a very old case. After review of whatever the Commonwealth now says they have as evidence, we’re confident it will result in his innocence,” Fogarty spoke to the Times.

According to prosecutors, Lampley was home alone with his girlfriend, her mother and another man on the night of the shooting. Lampley and the unnamed male watched TV in their bedroom before they went to the living room to join Lampley’s girlfriend. According to reports, the unnamed man made a call.

“He’s on the phone. Shortly after, shots are fired,” Elumba, Elumba’s prosecutor, spoke out to the Times.

The man provided his cell phone to police and discovered that it didn’t match the records police had obtained from the service provider.

“And the records don’t match. There’s several calls missing from the visual inspection of the phone that appear” Elumba stated that numerous calls from Hampton prior to and after the shooting were deleted. Unknown if Lampley’s unidentified suspect will be charged in connection with Lampley’s murder.

Hampton’s motivation may be linked to Lampley’s 2007 shooting death. Hampton indicted Lampley in 2010 for the shooting death (18-year-old Jacques Sellers) Hampton claimed that Lampley had admitted to some involvement in the shooting during the trial. Lampley denied any involvement and was never charged.

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