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A Star NFL Player Choosing To Drive A Kia Is Not As Silly As It Seems

C.J., Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Gardner-Johnson’s weekend was full of highs as well as lows. His team defeated New York Giants 38-7 on Saturday night to reach the NFC Championship Game. Gardner-Johnson lost his Super Bowl win on Monday. went on social media Report a car theft.

The drama didn’t end there, however. Twitter was shocked when fans found out that the car in question was actually a Kia. Newsweek chronicled Some of the online mocking questions, such as “Why he got a Kia in the first place?” To another comment that “you’re that good of a player and you got a d— Kia you need it to be stolen.”

As an example, longtime Eagles fanThis observer may have a bias towards Gardner-Johnson. But the player’s choice of vehicle seems entirely sensible — one worthy of praise rather than social media trolling.

Broke Athletes

Numerous publications including Sports Illustrated 2009 article An ESPN 2012 report “30 for 30” documentaryThe following are some of the many financial difficulties professional athletes find themselves in after their careers end. Sports Illustrated’s piece revealed that 78% of NFL athletes are in financial distress or bankrupt within two years of retiring. Similarly, 60% of NBA players find themselves in similar circumstances within five years.

After having few resources in their youth, many teens and twenty-somethings receive a large income. This often leads to poor spending decisions. “rags to riches.” Other celebrities, such as actors, musicians, and so on, can generate a substantial income over many decades. can generate a substantial income over multiple decades, giving them the possibility of overcoming youthful mistakes, athletes’ income-producing ability often depends upon their physical health, making it much more limited in duration.

Furthermore, “windfall” income, while high compared to the salaries of most working Americans, in many cases doesn’t come near to providing a lifetime of luxury for athletes with notoriously short—and fickle—careers. Take Gardner-Johnson’s salary history As a professional football player. He has made over $5.3 million in four seasons with the NFL.

But consider that, as he ends his fourth season, Gardner-Johnson’s career has lasted longer than the average NFL player, and that he only earned significantly more than $1 million in this, his fourth season. You should also consider that the average pro-athlete will fall in the highest income tax brackets. They will pay anywhere between 50-60 percent in local, state, or federal taxes.

Gardner-Johnson was able to make $5.3million in just four years. But will $2.65 million — a rough estimate of his after-tax income over his career to date — provide the 25-year-old with enough money to live on for the rest of life? It is possible that he will not.

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