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Satanist pedophile gang tortures kids, FBI ignores unless it blames white supremacy.

A Shocking Revelation: FBI Prioritizes Racist Remarks Over Disturbing Crimes

A sinister cult of Satan-worshipping⁢ pedophiles has been terrorizing young girls, forcing them to ‍harm‌ themselves. ‍Shockingly, the FBI’s interest in this‌ case​ seems to be more focused on a member’s use of a racial slur ​rather than the heinous crimes committed against ⁤these⁢ innocent victims,‌ according to an investigation by the Daily Wire.

Known as 764 or Harm Nation, this cult has subjected hundreds, possibly thousands, of girls to unimaginable torture. ⁢However, instead of‍ assigning their cybercrime or crimes-against-children units to the case, the FBI’s attention​ was drawn ⁣to the⁣ group’s past racism towards ⁣a black girl, ‌despite the ⁤majority of their victims being white teenagers.

A Disturbing Investigation

The ​FBI’s domestic terrorism ‍unit⁤ is now investigating⁤ these Satanist pedophiles for “racially motivated violent extremism” (RMVE), even ⁣though the only known arrest made by the FBI was a Hispanic man who used a racial slur against a judge in court. This raises questions about the misclassification of cases to portray right-wing domestic terrorism as the greatest‌ threat to America, as ​critics argue. It also suggests that the torture of ⁢girls by pedophiles is not a priority for the FBI unless it aligns with a politically ​appealing narrative for Democrats.

Angel Luis ​Almeida

In January, Angel ⁢Luis Almeida, ‌an outspoken member of the neo-Nazi network “764,” was indicted in New York City on charges of sexual exploitation, violation of⁤ the Mann⁤ Act, and possession ‌of Child ⁤Abuse Sexual Material. Despite the group’s leader being a 19-year-old Russian who ⁣identifies ‌as a “femboy” associated with left-wing queer culture,‍ prosecutors labeled Almeida as a‍ white supremacist.

It is evident from the evidence presented that this group consists of deranged criminals ⁤who draw inspiration‌ from various fringe⁢ elements, often contradictory in nature.

Unveiling the Horrors

764⁣ operates globally, ensnaring new victims through online interactions. These victims are then ​blackmailed and coerced into self-harm. The‍ Daily Wire⁢ reviewed an​ online group with 321 members, where one leader‌ boasted about the sadistic acts they⁤ committed, including‍ carving ⁢their names into girls’ bodies and forcing them to cut their faces.

Cooper Fay, a Florida man dedicated to exposing child abusers, discovered ⁤this​ group while investigating a threatening message from ‌a pedophile. Fay’s evidence revealed the extent ‍of the torture inflicted on​ these girls, including videos ⁣of the ⁤perpetrators forcing a girl to cut her hair ‌under the⁢ threat of public humiliation.

It ⁢is crucial ⁤to remember that children of all backgrounds are vulnerable⁤ to exploitation by these twisted predators, and they desperately need our help.

The FBI’s‌ Troubling Priorities

The FBI’s handling of the​ 764 case sheds light on its focus on white supremacy domestic terrorism, which it presents as the greatest‌ threat to the nation. This⁣ narrative⁣ aligns with President Joe Biden’s assertion that white supremacy is the most dangerous terrorist⁣ threat in the United States.

However, critics argue that this approach​ allows the FBI to inflate the numbers of white supremacy crimes, thereby justifying increased funding for combating domestic violent extremism.⁣ Tom ⁣Fitton, president of Judicial‍ Watch, suggests that this approach is politically motivated, using the guise of domestic terrorism to target conservatives and supporters‍ of former President Donald Trump.

Furthermore,‍ allegations have ‍surfaced ⁤that the FBI is⁣ artificially padding domestic terrorism data to create the illusion of a ​significant threat. This‍ manipulation of statistics involves reclassifying cases with minimal ⁤evidence​ to support the reclassification, according to a whistleblower.

A Plea for Justice

While ⁢the FBI issued a​ public service announcement ‍about 764,⁤ warning the‍ public ​about the group’s violent online‌ activities,⁣ it is essential to recognize​ that labeling them⁢ as a white supremacist gang is misleading. Their​ leader identifies as a “femboy” and primarily targets white girls, making it clear that their actions are driven by​ sadistic motives rather⁤ than a specific‌ ideology.

Freelance investigator​ Cooper Fay believes that the agents assigned to the case are well-intentioned but are directed⁤ to focus on ⁤the racial ‍terrorism⁢ angle from higher-ups.⁢ He‍ emphasizes⁢ that justice should be served for all victims of 764, regardless of their ⁢race.

Parents are urged ​to keep their ‌children off social media platforms and chat sites to protect them from these⁢ predators.⁢ The ‌recent shutdown of Omegle, a platform frequently used by these criminals, is a‌ step in the⁤ right direction. ⁢However, it is crucial to remain vigilant as they continue to exploit various platforms to target vulnerable teens.

How does the misclassification of the 764 case by the​ FBI raise concerns about its priorities in terms of protecting young victims of heinous crimes?

Considers a significant threat. While it is crucial to acknowledge and combat all forms of extremism, the misclassification of this case raises concerns about⁣ the FBI’s priorities and its commitment to protecting young victims‌ of heinous crimes.

The FBI’s emphasis on the group’s racist remarks seems misplaced considering⁢ the severity of the crimes committed. It is troubling that the FBI’s cybercrime and crimes-against-children units were not initially assigned to investigate ⁤this case, given the scale of the‌ cult’s activities and the suffering inflicted upon innocent victims.

Furthermore, the focus on “racially​ motivated violent extremism” raises questions‍ about the misinterpretation‍ or mislabeling of cases to fit a particular narrative. Critics argue that this misclassification allows the FBI to portray ⁣right-wing domestic terrorism as⁣ the greatest ‌threat to the country, potentially‌ neglecting other pressing issues such as child exploitation.

The case of Angel Luis Almeida, indicted for⁤ sexual exploitation and possession of child abuse material, exemplifies​ the complexities ​and contradictions within the cult. Despite⁢ the group’s leader being associated with ‍left-wing queer culture, Almeida ⁢was labeled as a white supremacist. This‍ highlights the⁣ need ​for a⁤ nuanced⁣ understanding of⁣ extremist groups and their ‌motives, rather than relying on broad generalizations.

The horrors inflicted upon‌ the victims of‌ 764 are truly disturbing. The online group’s ​sadistic acts,​ such ​as carving their names into girls’ bodies and ‍coercing​ them into self-harm, demonstrate the depths of depravity that these criminals engage in.‌ It is essential to⁢ recognize that these​ predators target children of all backgrounds and that urgent⁤ action is needed to protect and support these vulnerable ‍victims.

In conclusion, the FBI’s focus​ on racist remarks within the 764 case raises⁢ concerns about its priorities and potential misclassification of cases. While combating all forms of extremism⁣ is crucial, it ‌is disheartening to see a lack of ⁤attention towards the heinous crimes committed⁤ against innocent victims. The well-being and safety of these ⁤young⁢ girls‌ should always be the top priority, and efforts ‌should be‌ made to ensure that law enforcement ​agencies allocate resources accordingly.

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