76-Year-Old Woman Charged With Murder For Shooting Terminally Ill Husband In Hospital Room

A Florida A woman was charged with the first degree murder Police say she was charged with aggravated attack with a deadly firearm after she fatally shot her husband in the hospital.

Ellen Gilland, aged 76, was charged with shooting her husband Jerry Gilland, who was dying in a Daytona Beach hospital. Ellen Gilland, 76, was silent as Judge Mary Jolley read her charges and denied her bond.

“Based upon the nature of the charge, Ms. Gilland, I am going to hold you no bond on the murder charge and remaining charges,” According to the judge, according to Fox 35 Orlando.

Police from Daytona Beach responded to a call at the AdventHealth Hospital around 11:35 on Saturday to report that Ellen had locked herself in her hospital room and shot Jerry.

The hospital was locked down and hostage negotiators arrived at Gilland’s place to talk him out of leaving.

“They announced a code silver shelter in place, and that’s when sort of everything kind of became real,” Dr. Joshua Horenstein told Fox 35.

“One of the doors banged open, and the nurse came in screaming like this is not a drill. She was semi-hysterical,” He added.

He and two others had hid for over an hour in a closet in the hospital’s emergency room.

It took almost four hours for police to use a flash bang, a taser and a stun gun to get Gilland to give up her gun. Fox 35 reported however that Gilland was not considered a threat to anyone and that there were no injuries to staff members or patients.

According to Jakari Young, Daytona Beach Police Chief Jakari Young, the Gillands had planned the shooting for a murder-suicide several weeks before Ellen fired her gun.

“They had a conversation about it, and they planned this approximately three weeks ago that if he continues to take a turn for the worst that he wanted her to end it,” Young said.

The police chief added that it was unclear how Gilland smuggled the gun into the hospital, but that it didn’t appear the hospital had metal detectors.

“It’s a tough situation where her husband’s terminally ill so she was already in a depressed state just based on her husband being terminally ill and knowing that the end was near,” Young added.

Young said that Jerry was going to commit suicide, but was too weak for him to pull the trigger. reported. Originally, Ellen was going to shoot Jerry and then turned the gun on herself, but couldn’t go through with the plan, police said.

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