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63 Chinese Christians Find Refuge In America On Good Friday After Fleeing Persecution

After being detained in Thailand, 63 Foreign Christians who were on the verge of being expelled up to China have been given refuge in the United States.

Due to religious persecution in November 2019, the Christians, who belong to the Shenzhen Holy Reform Church, also known as the” Mayflower Church,” fled China. They had hoped that the United Nations would grant them immigrant situation in Thailand, but instead they were accused of immigration-related offenses.

Thailand consented to allow the United States to accept the Christians, who hoped to get continuous residents of the country, following talks with the State Department, Department of Homeland Security, and U. N.

According to RealClearPolitics, ChinaAid Founder Bo Fu said in a Friday statement that the organization” welcomes the takeoff of the persecuted Foreign” Mayflower Church” to rights in America and welcomes them to Texas.” ” This is a really good Friday. Users of the Mayflower Church were still detained in a prison just one week later, facing risks of theft from the Chinese Communist Party. They are now secure and free.

On Friday, the group touched down at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport under the direction of Pastor Pan Yongguang, a minister appointed by the Presbyterian Church of America( PCA ). For the class, who had previously tried to stay in South Korea before moving to Thailand, it had been a turbulent three centuries.

According to ChinaAid CEO Chad Bullard,” This is a thriving example of democratic, international assistance.” The State Department’s’s International Religious Freedom Office, headed by Ambassador Rashad Hussain, the US Embassy in Bangkok, USCIRF, and several congressional offices, including Chairman Mike McCaul and Chairman Chris Smith, are all recipients of our gratitude.


Smith, a Republican from New Jersey who serves as the Congressional-Executive Commission on China’s’s president, was happy to hear the information. To see these persecuted Chinese Christians appear and be permitted to practice their faith openly in the United States is” a very Good Friday however, and a superb Easter present ,” he said. ” They would have been imprisoned and hard persecuted if they had been violently repatriated to China.”

Sens. Ted Cruz( R-TX ) and Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL, were two other lawmakers who requested that the State Department step in on behalf of the Chinese Christians.

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