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60 Minutes’ spreads falsehoods about ‘Book Ban’ to attack Moms For Liberty in propaganda battle

Nearly five months ago, “60 Minutes” host Scott Pelley conducted an​ interview with Moms for Liberty co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich about their passionate campaign to protect children from inappropriate books in⁢ public school libraries. However, when⁤ CBS News ⁤finally aired the interview,​ it was clear that Pelley and his team had shamelessly edited the segment to push a leftist narrative, portraying Justice, Descovich, and Moms for Liberty as ignorant and intolerant.

The full transcript of the interview, shared ‍by Justice, revealed the extent of the manipulation. Pelley cut ‌out ​portions where Justice​ read excerpts from the questionable‍ books⁢ found in elementary⁤ school libraries, and instead accused the mothers of evading questions ‍and labeled Moms for Liberty as⁤ an anti-mask organization.

However, the reality is that the books in question are ⁣truly inappropriate,⁣ leftist indoctrination in schools is a real issue, and students’ reading‌ skills are declining. Moms for Liberty serves⁣ as an important voice for parents who often feel ignored in school districts controlled by‌ leftist activists. The producers of “60⁤ Minutes” clearly wanted to deny these problems and portray concerned parents as ignorant bigots.

While some may dismiss the issue of library books as a trivial culture war debate, it ‌is actually part of a larger crisis that affects our communities, education systems, and ‌shared values.

No ‘Book Ban’

The left often frames this issue as ​a matter of “book banning,” but this ​terminology ⁢is⁤ misleading. Removing a book from a school library ⁣or excluding it from a required reading list does not prevent families from accessing the book elsewhere. However, it does involve the endorsement and recommendation⁤ of certain books by librarians, which ‌can influence the ‌intellectual development of students. Elementary school libraries should⁤ provide age-appropriate books that help children develop important concepts, moral values, and a love for reading.

Therefore, Pelley and those who‌ agree with him are essentially arguing that sexually explicit books with⁢ LGBT themes are more suitable for⁢ children than‍ educational and enjoyable age-appropriate books. This shift in reading material can negatively⁣ impact children’s perception of reading⁤ and‍ lead to sexualization and indoctrination. Parents⁤ have​ trusted librarians⁢ and ⁣teachers to make appropriate choices for their children, but now​ they must be vigilant in reviewing curriculum and seeking alternatives.


The consequences of exposing children to inappropriate books and promoting ‌propaganda in schools are predictable. Many children now view reading ​as unpleasant and ⁤pointless, leading them to stop reading‌ altogether. Those who do read these books may be influenced in ways that are detrimental to their intellectual development. Over time, schools ‍with such libraries and curriculum will produce a divided student population of brainwashed high-achievers and anti-intellectual mediocrities, mirroring the situation on many college campuses.

As an English teacher and father, I fully support the mission of Moms for Liberty. I want my students and children to ⁤be engaged⁤ readers, and ⁢I‌ want to trust that their teachers⁢ and librarians provide them with appropriate and enriching texts. However, I find myself having to closely review the ⁤English curriculum and avoid certain areas of the bookstore and ‌public library due to the infiltration of gender‍ ideology in​ children’s ⁢literature.

The left’s position on removing inappropriate books from​ libraries and classrooms ⁣is distorted and dishonest. It is time to hold accountable the adults who have harmed young people through their choices. Denying⁤ the problem and ridiculing concerned individuals ⁢only harms our children and perpetuates the issue.


How does the decline‍ in reading skills ⁢among students impact the​ enjoyment and value of Ng

Ng as a pleasurable and worthwhile ⁣activity.

Moms for Liberty’s concern is not about‌ censorship⁤ or controlling what ⁤individuals ⁣choose to ⁢read. It is⁤ about ensuring that ⁢children are ⁣exposed ‍to content ⁤that is developmentally appropriate ⁢and aligns with their ‌families’ values. Parents have ⁢the right to​ be involved in the education of their children ‌and to have a say‍ in what materials are made available to them in school.

Leftist Indoctrination

The ⁤issue at hand goes‍ beyond the ‍selection of library books. ⁤It is about the pervasive leftist indoctrination that⁣ is infiltrating our​ schools. Parents have growing concerns about teachers pushing their political ideologies onto impressionable​ young minds.⁤ This indoctrination undermines critical thinking skills and can create a one-sided, ​biased view of the world.

Parents want ‍their‌ children⁢ to receive a ​well-rounded education that presents different perspectives and encourages open-mindedness. They do not want their‍ children to be indoctrinated into a specific ideology without the opportunity for independent⁣ thought and critical‍ analysis.

This issue should not be dismissed as ‍a mere difference of opinion or a political fight. It​ is about ⁤the future of education and the values we instill in our children. Parents deserve a voice in the⁣ education‌ system and ⁢should ‌be able to trust​ that their children⁣ are receiving a balanced education.

Declining‍ Reading Skills

Another important ‍aspect of this issue is the ⁣declining⁣ reading skills among students. In an age where technology is dominant, cultivating a love for reading is crucial to intellectual growth and development. However, the focus on controversial and politically charged books may ⁣detract from the joy and excitement of reading.

Parents and educators need to prioritize ‍foundational reading ​skills ​and ensure that‍ children have ‌access to ‌materials that‍ promote language development, vocabulary expansion, ⁣and critical thinking. This includes age-appropriate books that inspire imagination and curiosity.


The manipulation of the “60 Minutes” interview by ​Scott Pelley and his team is a⁤ troubling example of media bias and a disregard for the concerns of parents. Moms ‌for Liberty and other concerned parents are not requesting⁤ censorship or book banning, but ⁣rather advocating for age-appropriate materials that align with their values and encourage a love‍ for ⁣reading.

This issue is not limited⁣ to library books; it extends to the larger crisis of leftist indoctrination in schools​ and the declining‍ reading skills of students. It ⁣is time for parents, educators,⁤ and policymakers to come together and address these concerns⁣ in a respectful ⁤and constructive manner.

Our children deserve⁤ an education that inspires them, equips them​ with essential skills, and respects the values of their families.⁣ It is​ up to all of us to ⁣ensure that⁤ their educational experience is nurturing, balanced, ‍and ⁢prepares them for a diverse and complex world.

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