Combining 5 exercises can result in real muscle growth

Mike Over Lift Combos That Aren’t Stupid

Exercise combinations are generally dumb. These combinations are different. You can set your legs and glutes on fire with these five combination lifts.

Combination Lifts For Intermediate and Advanced Lifters

Combination exercises usually seem stupid to lifters who’ve been around for a while. Why? They are. But there are some strategies for combining two exercises into one that’ll make them surprisingly good at building muscle.

Let’s take a look at the strategies and the combo exercises you’ve got to try:

Strategie 1: Match the weight accurately

If you’re pairing an upper-body lift with a lower-body lift, your legs may lack stimulation. Consider the combination of the lunge/bicep curl. Your legs should be able to lift heavier than your biceps. If you do not, this combination is a bad idea.

Strategy 2: If necessary, add stability.

Combinations like the step up and press and single-leg deadlift/row require too much balance for them to be useful in any kind of muscle growth. Most combo moves lack stability, so you’re stuck doing more of a wobbly drill where you can’t contract the muscle hard or focus on feeling it working.

So, how do we know which exercises make great combinations?

Both stimulate the target muscle groups to an excellent degree. They flow nicely from one to the other, so you don’t have to lose proprioceptive control and don’t need an entire room to do it. You can overload them. A combo move you can’t progress is counterproductive, so stick to ones you know you can get better and stronger with. Now, Try These! Combo 1

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