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5 DreamWorks Movies To Watch Instead of Disney’s Sexual Propaganda

It is no secret that children’s entertainment is a battlefield for political propaganda. Disney has made explicit LGBT inclusions. AgendaThis resolve has been more clearly displayed in Disney’s animated movies.

The next generation of parents may have a hard time finding good content to watch with their children. Do not be alarmed: These movies can be a great substitute to the horribly sexualized Disney content.

1. Shrek

DreamWorks isn’t the only source of animation media success. Previous reporting examined the financial health of DreamWorks. Ties Through its parent company MSNBC, to the Chinese Communist Party. One would be wise to be careful.

DreamWorks continues to parody Disney in the present. They have even created the animated classic, about an outcast ogre trying to save Princess Fiona.

The potty humor illustrates how gross Shrek is—unlike the perfect, clean, and handsome princes of Disney’s fairy tales. The plot centers on a giant slob with greenish-colored skin who believes he is not loved. He discovers that his outside appearance has no bearing on his inner value.

2. Megamind

Megamind, a blue-skinned alien exile whose planet was destroyed, is similar to Shrek. Megamind’s nemesis is the Superman-esque Metroman who protects the city and stops Megamind from executing his evil plans. Then, one plot against Megamind destroys him.

Without a “good guy” Megamind, who is trying to save the city, takes control and trashes the city. Then, he falls for Roxanne Ritchie, a reporter. It changed him. In the film, Megamind’s confrontation with Titan, his new nemesis in the movie, shows that not everyone likes it. “nice” Things have good intentions.

It’s not important to do right because it’s right.

3. The Prince of Egypt

This powerful story tells the story of Israel’s exodus to Egypt. “The Prince of Egypt” Moses is shown as He submits to God’s call for His people to be freed from slavery in Egypt. The film is a powerful portrayal of God’s presence. It also reminds viewers to keep hoping, because no one is trapped in slavery. There are always better things.

4. The Bad Guys

The beginning “The Bad Guys” Looks like it’s going glorify evil, chaos. The film opens with police following the film’s expert criminals. The Bad Guys’ leader, Mr. Wolf, draws your attention and tells you what to do. “Yeah, we may be bad, but we’re so good at it.”

However, the movie’s emotional climax is reached when Mr. Snake arrives. explains His words speak volumes about why he loathes his birthday

Nobody will show up to your party if you are a snake growing up. Birthdays are a reminder that you’re just a scary, goodfor-nothing monster out there.

Yet “The Bad Guys” This is not the message that Disney’s woke scriptwriters propagate about oppression. In fact, Mr. Wolf’s gang embraces the good life, and takes responsibility for their actions. They resolve to change.

5. Puss in Boots – The Last Wish

Instead of just watching, “Lightyear” You are tempted to believe that Disney is forcing children to follow his political agenda. “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” The tabby cat named after the name confronts the reality that only one of nine of his lives is left. Puss refuses to accept his doctor’s advice to retire and remain safe. He instead seeks the wishing Star, which could bring back his eight wasted lives.

Behind the movie, its message calls its viewers to consider that sometimes the best wishes—the things worth living for—are the ones that come true without magic.

While “you only live once” This reflects an attitude of rebellion against social norms. “Puss in Boots” This is contrary to what the Bible says: one should make the most out of the life we have been given. Love your family. Loving your family is a commitment.

Spencer Dalke is an intern with The Federalist, and a journalism major at Patrick Henry College.

“From 5 DreamWorks Movies You Can Watch Instead Of Disney’s Sexual Propaganda

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