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4 Key Stories Overlooked by Mainstream Media Last Week

Hamas’ brutal terrorist attacks on⁢ Israeli civilians dominated the news⁢ cycle last week. However, there⁣ were four lesser-known stories that deserve attention:

1.⁣ Biden’s Classified ‍Docs Scandal

Last week, it was revealed that President​ Joe Biden’s ​attorneys had ⁤been screening⁢ Obama-Biden documents at the Penn Biden Center long before they ⁤claimed to have discovered them. This raises questions about ⁢when the​ documents were actually found ​and why Biden’s personal attorneys were involved.

2. Hurdles‍ for ​the Fulton County DA

Last week,⁣ hearings were held for Kenneth​ Chesebro and Sidney Powell, who were charged in a RICO indictment that included former President Donald Trump. The defense presented strong arguments ⁤challenging the charges, including the validity of the RICO charge and the constitutionality of the state’s⁣ conspiracy law.

3. The Economy

Last week, concerns‌ about the U.S. economy were​ highlighted in ‍the Federal Reserve’s minutes ​from its September ​meeting. Issues such⁤ as the United Auto Workers’ strike, higher energy costs, a weaker China⁢ economy, and the threat of‍ a government shutdown were⁤ cited ⁤as causes for uncertainty.

4. Robert Menendez

In a little-noticed development, Democrat Sen. Robert Menendez was charged with acting as ​an‌ agent ‌for Egypt without registering under the ⁢Foreign Agents Registration Act. This charge draws attention to the Biden⁤ administration’s ⁤failure to pursue similar charges against Hunter Biden.

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