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Trump defeats Biden in a latest poll in the 2024 votes, clearing the GOP field.

Former President Donald Trump‘s chances of becoming president again appear favorable, as he holds a commanding lead to become the GOP nominee and beats President Joe Biden in a recently released poll.

With 55 % of the vote, Trump currently leads the GOP’s’s presidential primary, followed by Florida Governor. Previous South Carolina governor Mike Pence, former vice president Ron DeSantis, and 4 % for Nikki Haley and 2 % for Vivek Ramaswamy, a businessman. According to a Harvard-Harris poll, Trump was also far ahead of the competition when pitted against just one opponent, earning roughly three times as much support when competing against Sen. Tim Scott( R – SC ), Pence, and Haley and defeating DeSantis with 61 % support against the Florida governor’s’s 39 %.


When asked if the vote would take place today, Trump already defeated Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris in a fictitious one. Harris lost to Trump by 10 %, while the former president defeated Biden by 5 %.

The majority of respondents to the poll, 56 %, think Biden is mentally unfit to serve as president, and 67 % think he is too old for the job, which accounts for his hypothetical loss. Only 47 % of respondents said they thought Biden would win the 2024 Democratic primary, compared to 53 % who said he would lose.

Trump boasted about the most recent poll on social media, saying he is outperforming Biden” anywhere” except in a recent Wall Street Journal crown. According to the survey, only 27 % of voters care more about safeguarding Social Security and Medicare benefits from budget cuts than 55 % did about eradicating” woke ideologies” in schools and businesses.

Trump wrote on Truth Social,” In the Polls, I am beating Biden everywhere, by a lot, except in the Globalist-inspired Wall Street Journal, one of the worst, and most partisan, media outlets anywhere.” ” Up until I defeated Crooked Hillary, it was that way with them in 2016. Biden is familiar, but they are still using the same false rulebook that I quickly defeated Ron DeSanctimonious. I consistently outperform both many media outlets by a wide margin. Avoid purchasing their Bull … They are BROKEN STORIES! “!”

Even though Trump has a good chance of winning the GOP nomination in 2024, just over half of voters, at 51 %, think he will do so. Despite not yet announcing his candidacy, DeSantis is widely regarded as Trump’s’s biggest 2024 rival. He will likely defeat Trump in the GOP primary, followed by Pence and Sen. Ted Cruz( R-TX ).

The majority of respondents said they don’t think Trump or Biden may run for president again, aside from the GOP nomination. A total of 63 % of respondents believed Biden shouldn’t run for re-election as president, and 55 % believed Trump should not do the same.

In 2024, citizens were also asked if they needed a different option besides Biden and Trump, with 65 % of responders responding in the affirmative. However, 51 % said they would back a liberal, independent candidate for the 2024 vote more than Trump or Biden if the two were pitted against one another in the following presidential election.


In the improbable approach where the next presidential election was held right away, DeSantis would defeat both Harris and Biden, though his head is not nearly as significant as Trump’s’s. While DeSantis defeated Harris with a lead of 2 %, the Florida governor defeated Biden by 3 %.

From April 18 to 19, this poll was conducted electronically in the United States. The Harris Poll and HarrisX conducted this surveys on a number of 1, 845 registered citizens.

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