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20 SoCal Schools Earn National Blue Ribbon Award

California Schools Recognized⁣ as National Blue Ribbon Schools

California is home to 33 schools that have been named National Blue Ribbon Schools by the U.S. Department ⁣of Education. Out of these, an impressive 20 schools are located in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego.

The selection process for⁤ these ⁤schools is based on their exceptional academic performance and their efforts to close ⁢achievement gaps. The U.S. ⁣Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona, praised the honorees for setting​ a national ⁢example in education.

“The leaders,⁢ educators, and staff at our National Blue ​Ribbon Schools continually inspire me with their dedication⁢ to fostering ⁤academic ‍excellence ⁣and building positive school cultures⁢ that support students ⁤of all backgrounds to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.”

Nationwide, a total of 353 schools received this prestigious award.

Crean ⁢Lutheran High School⁣ in Irvine, Calif., on Sept. 21, 2023. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Los‍ Angeles

In ‌Los Angeles, twelve schools‌ have been recognized as National Blue Ribbon Schools:

  • Charles J. Carver Elementary School, ABC⁤ Unified, Cerritos
  • Downtown ‍Magnets High School, Los ‌Angeles Unified, Los Angeles
  • Glen A. Wilson ‍High ‍School, Hacienda La Puente Unified, ⁣Hacienda Heights
  • Grace Miller Elementary School, Bonita⁤ Unified, La Verne
  • Horace Mann Elementary School, Glendale Unified, Glendale
  • Leffingwell Elementary School, East Whittier City School District, Whittier
  • Los Molinos ⁤Elementary School,​ Hacienda‌ La Puente Unified, Hacienda Heights
  • Martha Baldwin Elementary School, Alhambra Unified, Alhambra
  • Mesa Robles School, Hacienda La Puente Unified, Hacienda Heights
  • Ocean View Elementary School, ⁢East Whittier City Elementary School District, Whittier
  • San Jose Charter Academy, San Jose Charter‌ Academy, West Covina
  • Wedgeworth Elementary School, Hacienda La Puente​ Unified, Hacienda‌ Heights

The Hacienda La⁢ Puente Unified school district is particularly proud, as ⁤four of its ​schools have received ⁢this ⁣honor. The Board ​of Education President, Christine H. Salazar, congratulated the district on this remarkable achievement.

Orange County

Six schools ‌in Orange⁢ County‌ have​ been awarded the National Blue Ribbon Schools⁤ recognition:

  • G.⁣ Cook‌ Elementary School, Garden Grove Unified, Garden Grove
  • Buena Terra Elementary‌ School, Centralia Elementary⁣ School District, Buena Park
  • Crean‌ Lutheran High School, Pacific ⁣Southwest District School⁢ District, ‍Irvine
  • Early College High School, Newport-Mesa Unified, Costa⁢ Mesa
  • Susan B. Anthony Elementary School, Garden Grove Unified, Westminster
  • Thomas ‌Paine Elementary School, Garden Grove Unified, Garden⁣ Grove
Cook Elementary School in Garden Grove, Calif., on Sept. 21, 2023. (John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)

Walter Muneton, the board president‌ of Garden ‌Grove⁢ Unified School ⁢District (GGUSD),⁤ expressed his excitement for the three schools in his district that received this prestigious award. He commended the teachers and staff for their dedication to providing an exceptional ‌educational experience.

Early College High School in Costa Mesa, Calif., on Sept. 21, 2023. ‍(John Fredricks/The Epoch Times)
Susan B. Anthony Elementary School in Westminster, ⁤Calif., on Sept. 21, 2023.⁤ (John Fredricks/The Epoch⁤ Times)

San Diego

In⁣ San Diego, ⁤two schools have been honored as National Blue Ribbon Schools:

  • Casita Center for Technology, Science &​ Math, Vista Unified, Vista
  • Garfield Elementary School, San Diego Unified, San Diego

Principal Mechale Mency ⁤Murphy of ‌Garfield Elementary School, a Title 1 school serving low-income students, expressed ‍her pride in receiving this recognition. She emphasized the importance of providing the best learning conditions for students from diverse backgrounds.

City News Service contributed to this report.

How did Clint Harwick, Superintendent of Garden Grove Unified School District, express his pride in the district’s commitment⁣ to excellence in education?

Mentary, Buena Park

  • Clinton⁢ ​M. ‌Yorke Elementary‌ ‍School, Placentia-Yorba ‌Linda Unified, Placentia
  • Fountain Valley‌ High ‌School, Huntington ⁣Beach Union High, Fountain Valley
  • Mitchell Elementary School, Garden Grove⁣ Unified, Garden ​Grove
  • Sierra Vista Elementary School, Irvine Unified, Irvine
  • Speaking about‌ the achievement, Clint Harwick,⁤ Superintendent of‍ Garden Grove Unified School District, expressed his pride​ in the district’s commitment to excellence in education.

    San Diego County

    In San Diego County, two schools have been honored ⁣as National Blue Ribbon‍ Schools:

    • Del Mar ‌Hills​ Academy, Del Mar Union, Del Mar
    • La Costa ​Meadows Elementary,‌ San Dieguito Union High, Carlsbad

    The San Dieguito Union ⁤High School District ⁤celebrated the recognition of La Costa Meadows Elementary and highlighted ⁤the importance of providing quality education to all students.

    This year’s National Blue Ribbon Schools serve as shining examples of academic‍ excellence and commitment‌ to student success in California. Their dedicated educators and staff, ⁤along with the support of their‌ communities, have created exceptional learning environments ⁤where students thrive. These schools should ​be ​celebrated for their outstanding achievements and recognized for the positive impact they have ​on their⁣ students and communities.

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