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10 Sports That Prioritize Cross-Dressing Men Over Women’s Fair Play

Men Invading Women’s Sports: A Disturbing Trend

It’s a concerning reality that more and more men who identify as women are participating in women’s sporting competitions. This trend not only compromises fairness but also undermines the dignity of female athletes. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent instances where men have co-opted women’s competitions:

NCAA Swimming

One of the most infamous cases is Will/”Lia” Thomas, a male NCAA swimmer who transitioned to women’s swimming in 2021. Thomas went on to win a Division I national championship, beating out female swimmers in the 500-yard freestyle competition. However, his presence on the team and in the girls’ locker rooms has sparked controversy, with allegations of inappropriate behavior.

NCAA Track

CeCé Telfer, a male athlete who switched to the women’s track team, achieved remarkable success. He went from being ranked 390th in the NCAA Division II men’s 400-meter hurdles to winning the women’s 400-meter competition at the NCAA Women’s Division II Outdoor Track and Field Championships. However, Telfer was later deemed ineligible for the U.S. Olympic trials.

NCAA Cross Country

Jonathan Eastwood, formerly known as a male athlete, started competing in women’s cross-country races after transitioning. Despite a 16-month hiatus, Eastwood finished seventh out of 79 runners in a women’s NCAA Division I cross-country race. This case raises questions about the fairness of allowing male athletes to compete against females.


Laurel Hubbard, a male weightlifter, represented New Zealand in the women’s super-heavyweight category at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This denied a spot on the team to a female athlete. Hubbard’s presence in women’s weightlifting has caused controversy in the past, forcing female competitors to drop categories to accommodate him.


In 1976, Richard Raskind, a male tennis player, entered a women’s tennis tournament under the name Renee Richards and won the championship. This sparked a debate about fairness and access to women’s competitions. Richards himself later admitted the advantage he had as a man competing against women.


Fallon Fox, a male fighter who transitioned to female, competed in mixed martial arts between 2012 and 2014. With a professional record of 5-1, Fox’s fights against women raised concerns about the physical advantages he possessed. One match resulted in a female opponent suffering a fractured skull.


Nyla Rose and Gisele Shaw are both male wrestlers who compete in women’s wrestling. They have won multiple championships, raising questions about the fairness of allowing men to compete against women in this sport.


Male golfer Breanna Gill claimed victory at the Australian Women’s Classic, highlighting the issue of men participating in women’s golf tournaments. This is not the first time men have taken trophies from female golfers, as similar incidents have occurred in the past.


Recently, Austin Killips, a man, won the women’s category of the “Tour of the Gila” cycling race, outracing female competitors and claiming the first prize. This victory sparked outrage among female athletes who argue that allowing males to compete in women’s cycling events is unfair.


Chelsea Wolfe, a male athlete, filled an alternate slot on the American women’s BMX team at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. This decision denied a real woman the opportunity to participate. Wolfe’s controversial statements about burning the US flag on the podium further fueled the debate surrounding transgender athletes in women’s sports.

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