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White House defies Office of Special Counsel, persists in alleged federal law violations: Report.

The Biden Administration Continues to Violate the Hatch Act

The Biden administration is once again under scrutiny for violating the Hatch Act, despite being warned about it just a week ago. The White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, has been found to have violated the Hatch Act by repeatedly using the term “MAGA Republicans.”

The Hatch Act, which prohibits government employees from engaging in partisan political activity while on duty or using federal property, has been violated by Jean-Pierre’s use of the term. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel issued a letter on June 7, stating that she had violated the law.

President Joe Biden himself has also referred to his political opponents as “MAGA Republicans” in an attempt to portray them as extreme or potentially dangerous.

A Warning and a Complaint

During a White House briefing on November 2, Jean-Pierre made the statement, “Unfortunately, we have seen mega MAGA Republican officials who don’t believe in the rule of law.” This statement led to a complaint being filed against her by the watchdog organization Protect the Public’s Trust.

In response to the complaint, Ana Galindo‐Marrone, chief of the Office of Special Counsel’s Hatch Act unit, issued a letter stating that Jean-Pierre had been warned about her behavior. While disciplinary action was not pursued, she was issued a warning letter.

Galindo‐Marrone made it clear that any future engagement in prohibited political activity would be considered a knowing and willful violation of the law, which could result in disciplinary action.

Continued Use of the Term

Despite the warning and the clear violation of the Hatch Act, members of the Biden administration have continued to use the term “MAGA.” Axios reported that the White House released a statement using the term, with Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates referring to Republicans’ “MAGA tax welfare for the richest Americans and giant corporations.”

During a daily news briefing, Jean-Pierre addressed the warning from the Office of Special Counsel, stating that the White House Counsel’s Office is reviewing their opinion and will respond accordingly.

A Comparison to the Trump Administration

In defense of the administration’s use of the term, Jean-Pierre pointed out that the Trump administration frequently used “MAGA” on their official website. She stated that there were nearly 2,000 uses of the term to describe policies and official agendas.

It remains to be seen how the Biden administration will respond to the Office of Special Counsel’s warning and whether further action will be taken to address the alleged violations of federal law.

Source: The Western Journal

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