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WATCH LIVE: Treasury Secretary Yellen to testify in front of finance committee

TSecretary for the Treasury Janet Yellen The set to testify before the Senate Finance Committee The president’s budget for 2024.

The Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee will convene the meeting. Ron Wyden (D-OR), as well as the Topic Is “The President’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget.”

Yellen Testimony She was presented to the House equivalent of the committee last week and received a frosty welcome from the majority Republican members. It was her first testimony in public since Republicans gained majority control.

She was grilled over the Biden administrationThe annual budget proposal of the President, which included spending of $6.9 Trillion for fiscal 2024, resulted in an estimated $17 Trillion deficit over the next decade.


Her reception in the Democratic-controlled Senate is likely to be somewhat more relaxed, but the topic is likely to shift to the administration’s handling of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

Yellen Not allowed SVB was saved by her, but she promised that depositors would be repaid their money without specifying how.

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