VP Harris’ Silence on Classified Docs Scandal Raises Suspicion

Vice President Kamala Harris has been eerily quiet about President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal, causing at least some Republicans to believe Harris could be angling to push Biden out of the way for a shot at the Oval Office.

Harris has made several statements public since the scandal was revealed to the media on January 9. However, she has not supported Biden or condemned any wrongdoing. Harris’s public statements in this time frame have largely followed the script. global warmingVenn diagramselectricityschool busesThe, and southern border invasion.

The communications strategy appears noticeably different from her attacks on former President Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified materials. Harris was elected to the August House of Representatives. slammed Trump “irresponsible” for questioning the FBI’s raid of Mar-a-Lago.

“It’s just highly irresponsible of anyone who calls themselves a leader and certainly anyone who represents the United States of America to engage in rhetoric for the sake of some political objective that can result in harm to law enforcement officers and agents,” Harris said.

Joe Biden listens during Kamala Harris’ first press conference, held in Wilmington, Delaware, August 12, 2020. (OLIVIER DOUILLIERY/AFP via Getty Images).

Former Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), the onetime chair of the House Intelligence Committee from 2015 to 2019 and now the CEO of Trump’s Truth Social social media platform, told Breitbart News that Harris’ silence suggests her intention to replace Biden as president.


Rep. Devin Nunes (UPI)

“Team Obama got Kamala Harris placed in her position, and they knew she’d be loyal to them. So they’re probably looking right now to see if they can exploit Biden’s problems to get her to replace him,” Nunes said.

Barack Obama, right, walks on the tarmac after arriving on Air Force One in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Former Deputy Director of National Intelligence in the Trump administration, Kash Patel, told Breitbart News that Harris’ silence mirrors former President Barack Obama. “Kamala Harris’ silence in this entire corruption coverup, along with Obamas, is intentional,” Patel was also the Pentagon Chief of Staff during Trump’s term.

“They both want Biden out and are letting their own allies in the media simultaneously expose him and protect their selfish interests,” He concluded. “It’s no accident.”

The White House did not respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment on why Harris has been silent, and did not provide any comment from the vice president when asked for her thoughts on the president’s classified documents scandal.

Harris’ relationship with Biden has appeared strained for years. The two were at odds during the 2020 presidential cycle before reports surfaced First Lady Jill Biden was not pleased Harris was selected as Biden’s running mate. After the inauguration, Biden gave Harris the task of securing the southern border, a responsibility that contradicts the administration’s enforcement and Harris’s far-left ideology.

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 21: Vice President Kamala Harris and first lady Dr. Jill Biden attend a Medal of Honor ceremony for Army Colonel Ralph Puckett in the East Room of the White House May 21, 2021 in Washington, DC. Army Colonel Ralph Puckett is a decorated combat veteran who served in the army during the Korean War and led a group of 51 men in the capture and defense of Hill 205 against an overwhelming Chinese attack. Colonel Puckett is U.S. President Joe Biden’s first Medal of Honor recipient of his administration. (Photo by Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images)

Kamala Harris, Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden are present at a Medal of Honor ceremony in honor of Army Colonel Ralph Puckett. It took place in the East Room of The White House on May 21, 2021. (Stefani Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images)

In comparison, Harris and Obama have had a strong relationship that dates back to Obama’s Senate race in 2004. Harris endorsed Obama for the seat, and Obama subsequently endorsed Harris in California’s attorney general race and Senate bid in 2016. Harris voted for Obama over Hillary Clinton in 2008, most notably. Harris also was Obama’s co-chairwoman in California.

Obama was a strong supporter of Harris becoming Biden’s vice president. “I’ve known Senator Harris for a long time. She is more than prepared for the job. She’s spent her career defending our Constitution and fighting for folks who need a fair shake,” He stated.

“By choosing Senator Kamala Harris as America’s next vice president, he’s underscored his own judgment and character,” Obama said. “And now Joe has an ideal partner to help him tackle the very real challenges America faces right now and in the years ahead.”

Harris was frequently seen with the president during the first year of Biden’s administration, but that shifted after Biden’s deadly Afghan withdrawal. Harris only recently began participating in more public events together with Biden. Harris was able to attend a White House event with former President Barack Obama in April 2022 during the lull. This was his first visit to the White House in five years and he was delivering a speech. Upon the completion of Obama’s speech in which he mentioned The jovial Obama was surrounded by his guests at the reception 33 times.

Harris appeared to remain at Obama’s side throughout the reception, shaking hands and laughing, while Biden appeared isolated. With concern on his face, Biden reached over Harris and grabbed Obama’s shoulder from behind, appearing to try to turn Obama towards himself.

This video shows Harris and Obama overlooking the president.

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