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TikTok deleted my video on Biden Admin’s child separation plan

Biden Administration Plans to‌ Bar Parents Opposing Gender Ideology from Foster Care System

Yesterday, I ⁣shared a TikTok video exposing the Biden administration’s alarming ⁤proposal to exclude parents who reject gender ideology from the ⁣foster care system. However, within an hour, TikTok removed my video, claiming it violated​ their guidelines on “Hate ‍Speech and Hateful Behaviors” and “Nudity and Body Exposure.” Ironically, in the process, they⁤ misgendered a trans-identifying individual. Watch the “hateful” video below:

In the video, I explain ‍how the Biden administration intends to label⁣ foster parents who oppose ​the transgendering of children‌ as child abusers. According⁢ to ​the proposed rule, foster care providers must use the child’s identified pronouns, ‌chosen name, and allow them to dress according to their self-identified gender identity and expression to be considered a safe and ⁤appropriate placement.

Immediate Threat to Foster Children and All Parents

This proposal not only harms foster children ⁢by limiting the pool of available foster parents, but ​it also poses a threat to all ‌parents and ​children. As Nathanael Blake, a Senior​ Contributor at The⁣ Federalist, explains, this sets a dangerous ⁢precedent that rejecting ​gender ideology ​is abusive and unfit parenting. Once established, this precedent can be expanded to all parents, biological or foster.

TikTok’s Censorship Is Hateful

TikTok justified the removal of⁣ my video by stating ‍that they do not allow any hateful behavior, hate speech, or promotion ‌of hateful ideologies. According to TikTok, opposing the chemical castration and sexual‌ mutilation of children is⁢ considered a “hateful ideology.” However,‍ the real hateful‍ and damaging ideology is the one that‌ supports⁣ creating identity crises in children and irreversibly harming minors’ bodies.

TikTok also accused me of posting ⁣”nudity and ​body ​exposure” because I included a photo of a transgender-identifying girl’s chest post-mastectomy. Ironically, by censoring the girl’s chest, TikTok misgendered the trans person in my video, which goes against their own guidelines on misgendering.

TikTok ​Running Cover For ⁤Biden

TikTok, owned by the Chinese‌ company ByteDance, raises concerns about ‌the‌ Chinese Communist Party’s influence ⁤and its ​impact on millions of American users. However, the influence of the U.S. federal government on TikTok and its censorship practices is often⁢ overlooked. ByteDance has faced pressure from both the Trump and Biden‍ administrations to sell TikTok to an American company or face expulsion from the United States. Additionally, TikTok has hired former U.S. ‌intelligence officials in censorship⁤ positions, potentially using them to censor speech unfavorable to the‌ Democratic ⁣Party.

It is unlikely that calls to‍ ban TikTok

What are the ⁤arguments made by parents and concerned‍ citizens who are opposed to ‌the policy of excluding parents⁣ who ‍oppose gender ideology from the foster ⁢care system?

Iately, many parents and concerned ⁢citizens have voiced their outrage over this potential policy.‌ They ⁤argue ‌that it infringes on the ​rights of⁣ parents to raise their⁢ children ⁤according ⁤to their own ‍beliefs and values. Additionally, they express concern about the potential harm ‌that‍ could ⁤be caused to children who​ may be encouraged to question their own‍ gender​ identity at a young age.

One of the main issues‍ at hand is the conflict between parental rights and the best interests ‌of the child. While it is ⁤important to ensure that⁣ children are placed in safe⁣ and supportive environments, it‌ is equally ⁢crucial to respect the rights ⁤of​ parents to make decisions ​regarding‌ their child’s upbringing. By excluding⁣ parents who ‌oppose ‌gender ideology ⁣from ⁢the foster care system, the Biden ​administration⁢ risks alienating ⁢many potential caregivers who could provide loving and stable homes ⁣for children in need.

Furthermore, the⁢ concept‍ of gender identity is a complex and deeply personal matter. It ⁢is not a question that should be decided solely by the government​ or foster care providers. By imposing strict guidelines on how children should express their gender identity, the⁢ administration runs the risk of overlooking individual differences and stifling children’s freedom to explore and develop their own identities.

Critics ​also ⁢argue that this policy may have unintended​ consequences, such as discouraging ⁣potential foster parents from coming forward.‌ If individuals⁤ who ​have⁤ differing⁤ beliefs‌ or concerns⁢ about gender ideology are excluded, there may be a shortage of ‌available foster care placements, leaving vulnerable⁢ children without the⁤ support and stability they desperately need.

It⁢ is important to note that opposition to this policy ⁣does not imply a lack of support for LGBTQ+ individuals or their rights. Rather, the concern​ lies ‌in the potential violation of parental rights and the potential harm that could be caused to children. The‌ focus should be on ⁢creating an inclusive foster care‍ system that prioritizes ​the well-being and best interests ⁤of ⁣the child, while also respecting the rights and beliefs of parents.

In conclusion, the Biden​ administration’s ‍proposal to bar parents opposing gender ideology ‌from the foster care system has ignited‍ backlash and concern. ⁤Parents and concerned citizens argue that it ‍infringes on parental rights and may cause harm to children ‌by ‌encouraging premature exploration of their gender ​identity. It is crucial to find a balance between protecting children and respecting the ‌rights of parents, as well as ensuring that potential foster parents of diverse beliefs are still able to provide loving and⁤ stable homes ‍for children in need.

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