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The More You Trust the Media, the Less You Know

Today, this is intriguing, if not surprising.

I recently wrote about the relationship between political ideology and presumptions regarding the number of armed Black people killed by police. In it, I talked about a Skeptic Research Center study that found liberals are least good to imagine how many armed Black men are killed by police.

Not just a minor, but significantly. Over half of the liberals estimated that the number was between 1000 and 10,000, but almost none of them made accurate guesses( the range is around 10 per year ).

Republicans were the most appropriate class, with liberals being the best and liberals the worst. It’s’s not even close. Progressives don’t know what the truth is, and they think the worst is true.

In order to clarify why that is the case, the company released more information from their research yesterday. Their discoveries were equally intriguing because they provide a clear indication of the cause of that gap.

And it’s’s exactly what you think: the less education you have and the more confidence you place in the news media, the harder it is for you to understand reality.

Certification combined with faith in MSM equals shame.

Once more, it’s’s not even close. Lack of knowledge about the real world is directly correlated with certification and faith in the MSM. It is preferable to live in a house with no access to the internet or television than to have an advanced degree and be an addicted to cable news.

You can immediately see the direction. The trust in the MSM increases with education, which is comparable to having a lot of faith in all types of” experts.” I believe you could create a similar character regarding trust in mask use as well.

What about the notion that boys may be females and vice versa? Most likely the same chart. In fact, groundness is directly correlated with MSM confidence and education.

Of all, none of this should come as a surprise, even though it goes completely against what we have been told. We are inundated with letters claiming that the MSM dispels false information even though it is the primary method of transmission.

You are taken far from reality and into Narrativeland, where things are up and down, by higher education and faith in the media / expert complex. Your perception of reality becomes more twisted the more you read and watch the news. You are less likely to understand fundamental points the more professors you have spoken to.

Fox Mulder had a point. Don’t accept anyone.

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