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Slippery Slope: Washington Post Gives Rave Review For Play About Pedophiles, Treating Them Kinder

Do you ever get the sense that the Left is trying to normalize pedophilia?

Well, of course, you do. It’s hard not to have that impression. Liberals have gone off the rails over the past decade. Fashion brands are releasing bondage-bound teddy bear advertisements that sexualize children. Using progressive logic, if children can consent to change their gender, they can consent to a whole lot more.

It is all an entirely perverse and disordered slippery slope.

Now, we have The Washington Post writing a rave review for a play that casts pedophiles in a sympathetic light, suggesting their punishments are often too harsh.

In a column titled, “‘Downstate’ is a play about pedophiles. It’s also brilliant,” theater critic Peter Marks praised the play for being “tough stuff, questioning how society treats those convicted of heinous acts.”

As described by Marks, Bruce Norris — the playwright behind the production — paints these child molesters in a positive light.

“He’s loaded the dice to some degree in ‘Downstate,’ as the predators who’ve completed their prison terms are depicted not as monsters but rather as complicated, troubled souls,” Marks claims.

The play also makes a victim of one of the main characters  — a now-grown man who was molested by his instructor during a piano practice — out to be the bad guy in the story.

So why does Marks find this garbage to be so enlightening and worthy of praise?

Well, as Marks explains it’s not for everybody — especially those staunchly against pedophilia and who believe in true justice.

“Some theatergoers no doubt will resent that Norris chose to illuminate this delicate subject in a nuanced way that doesn’t jibe with their own undiluted revulsion,” Marks explains. “If you suspect you are one of these people, ‘Downstate’ is not for you.”

Yet if you have an open mind to the topic, or whatever, then maybe this is your cup of tea.

“For many others, it will be a stunning demonstration of the power of narrative art to tackle a taboo, to compel us to look at a controversial topic from novel perspectives,” Marks said.

There is nothing to discuss — except whether or not pedophiles deserve tougher sentences such as the death penalty.

Yet that’s just it. Many on the Left want to make that viewpoint old-fashioned. There are movements to change the name of the pedophile to a “minor-attracted person” and make it societally acceptable. This play is part of that slippery slope.

As heavyweight boxer and author Ed Latimore explained, “The fact that the play got made is already a problem.”

“Calling it ‘brilliant’ is disgusting,” Latimore tweeted. “The part where you wanna burn it all down is when the @washingtonpos described the character of the victim as ‘the most disagreeable character’ who is played ‘irritatingly well.’”

The fact that the play got made is already a problem.

Calling it “brilliant” is disgusting.

The part where you wanna burn it all down is when the @washingtonpost described the character of the victim as “the most disagreeable character” who is played “irritatingly well.”

— Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore) November 28, 2022

All of this is an attempt to destigmatize pedophilia.  Norris’ play wants the viewer to believe that we need to change our views on the subject.

You would only give out lighter sentences to these creeps if what you think they did is acceptable or at the very least not as bad of a crime as it’s treated now. Of course, it isn’t. It’s heinously evil, but some want to convince you otherwise.

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