‘Professional Race Baiter’: Matt Walsh Blasts Democratic Activist For Getting Woman Fired Over Alleged ‘Racism’

Critics ripped Frederick Joseph, a prominent anti-racist author, on Sunday after he reported a woman for racism to her employer, causing her to be fired.

Joseph, who authored “The Black Friend: On Being A Better White Person” and served as a campaign surrogate for Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (D-VT), reported a New York woman, Emma Sarley, for “racism” after she allegedly told him and his fiancee to “stay in our hood” during an interaction at a Brooklyn dog park on Saturday.

After posting a video of the interaction on Twitter, Joseph identified the woman and eventually contacted her employer, Bevy, a community events software platform. He spoke with Bevy CEO Derek Andersen and pushed for “accountability” for Sarley’s “racism.” Andersen announced he had fired Sarley hours later.

“You’re a professional race baiter, a bigot, and a bully. You whipped up a mob to destroy a woman’s life for no reason other than to satisfy your ego, and to sell your shitty racist book. That’s the ‘lesson’ I learned from all of this,” The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh tweeted at Joseph.

Joseph had posted another video on Twitter after Sarley’s firing, saying that her termination showed “accountability” and that he hoped Sarley would “learn from this.” Joseph said:

So, I was just told that Bevy has terminated Emma Sarley after her racist attack against my fiancée and I in the dog park, and while it’s unfortunate that she had to lose her job, I do think that this brings up an important conversation about accountability, especially in a country where black and brown people, marginalized people as a whole have seen so little of it, oftentimes, right, you know, having to bear the burden of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. I think that it’s important that people know that there are consequences for their actions, right? And I don’t think that its up to victims to have to coddle, you know, people who are engaging in abuse.

You know, when I woke up yesterday morning, I didn’t expect to have to be a part of this conversation. I didn’t expect to go to the dog park as a black person and have to receive, you know, racism. So, while it is unfortunate what happened, I hope that Emma learns from this. I hope that other people learn from this who engage in abusive, racist, and destructive behavior because, ultimately, whether Emma lost her job or not doesn’t take away the trauma that my fiancée and I have. It doesn’t take away the feeling of feeling like anything racist can happen anywhere, so I don’t think that people should be coddled, and I do think that consequences are important. So, hopefully this is a learning lesson for everybody.

Many others piled on criticism of Joseph for doxing Sarley and getting her fired from her job over the incident at the dog park.

“Our society has incentivized all the wrong behavior. He had a bad 2 min interaction with someone and his first thought is to try to make it go viral, track the person down, and get them fired from their job,” the popular conservative Twitter commentator known as AG said.

“You can barely tell what happened from that video, but because the guy has 100k followers and made an accusation, the other side won’t even matter. The girl has already been fired. This type of mob justice will get abused repeatedly and incentivized all the wrong behavior,” AG continued.

Critics slammed Bevy and Andersen as well for firing Sarley over Joseph’s complaint.

“If I worked for @BevyHQ I’d be job hunting right now. This is not the kind of employer you want to work for; one that will sacrifice you to a social media mob,” Ricochet editor Bethany Mandel tweeted.

“Amy Cooper currently has a federal lawsuit against her former employer for firing her without an investigation and falsely labeling her a racist.  I hope this girl sues your a** too,” another popular account, LB, posted, referring to the case of Amy Cooper who was fired from her job after being accused of racism in a dog park by a black man.

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