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Poland thwarts Russian spy plot to ‘paralyze’ Western aid shipments to Ukraine

According to Polish authorities, Russia sent an operative team of saboteurs in order to block Western military aid to Ukraine.

“The suspects conducted intelligence activities against Poland and prepared acts of sabotage at the request of Russian intelligence,” According to Mariusz Kaminski (Polish Interior Minister), he spoke to reporters on Thursday.


Kaminski pointed to a shadowy struggle over Ukraine’s supply lines. This is being prosecuted by Western European officials while trying not to provoke a conflict between Moscow and NATO. Poland has one of the most important military installations that have been known to be used to coordinate the aid distribution.

“Evidence shows that the group monitored railway routes,” CNN reported that the minister made these remarks while discussing the allegations against the nine-member team. “Its tasks included recognizing, monitoring and documenting transports with weapons delivered to Ukraine. … The suspects were also supposed to be preparing for sabotage activities aimed at paralyzing the supply of equipment, weapons, and aid to Ukraine.”

Poland’s President Andrzej Duda (right), and his wife Agata Cornhauser Duda (right) greet the Czech Republic’s President Petr Pavl with Eva at the Presidential Palace, Warsaw, Poland on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Since the beginning of the war, NATO members have been concerned about Russian sabotage operations. Officials from Czech blamed Russia in the 2014 explosion of Ukrainian-bound ammunition. This dispute led to the expulsion by the Czech government 20 officials from Russia’s Embassy, who were alleged undercover spy spies. In addition, Poland expelled 45 Russian spies from Moscow’s embassy in Warsaw last year.

“Russia is our neighbor, it will not disappear from the map of Europe, but the aggression towards Ukraine proves that it is an unfriendly state, and even hostile to Poland,” Kaminski spoke at the time.


The latest accusation was made just one day after CIA Director Bill Burns visited Warsaw to meet Polish President Andrzej Duba. It also happened during the visit of Petr Pavel, Czech President.

“The Czech Republic and Poland are countries that are in the absolute vanguard when it comes to support for Ukraine,” Duda spoke.

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