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Players From Raiders, Chiefs Pray At Midfield Following Game In Which Teams Honored Damar Hamlin

Several Players from the Las Vegas Raiders The Kansas City Chiefs Prayed on the Field Saturday After the matchup between these two teams concluded, the evening ended with the following Buffalo Bills Safety Damar Hamlin’s medical emergency during a game earlier this week.

Fox Sports reported Both teams had players who wore athletic gear with statements such as “Love for Damar” “Hamlin Strong” To show support prior to kickoff.

The According to a report, the first digit of the lines that run for 30 yards is at Allegiant Stadium They were painted blue because that was the color of the Buffalo Bills’ color. The Fans and players cheered for the stadium announcer. Hamlin.

“Putting love into the world comes back 3xs as much… thankful for everyone who has reached out and prayed,” Hamlin tweeted During the game. “This will make me stronger on the road to recovery, keep praying for me!”

At At the end of the game, many of the players were seen praying in the middle field.

“Final score that truly matters: Faith wins,” Fox News Hosting Harris Faulkner tweeted. “@Chiefs @Raiders together in prayer. #nfl #DamarStrong.”

Final Score that really matters: Faith wins. @Chiefs @Raiders Together in prayer #nfl #DamarStrong


Hamlin collapsed with about six minutes left in the first quarter of this week’s Monday Night Football Game after game he tackled Cincinnati Bengals Receiver Tee Higgins Following a catch of 13 yards. After The tackle Hamlin Then, he got up and took a step backwards before falling to the ground.

Dr. Timothy A. Pritts Dr. William KnightTwo of the doctors at the University This is Cincinnati Medical Center Treat HamlinA press conference was held by. Thursday to update him on his health.

The Doctors said That Hamlin He was able move his hands and feet, and could communicate via writing. However, doctors said that it was too early to tell if he would fully recover.

“When he asked did we win, the answer is, yes, you know, Damar, you won, you’ve won the game of life,” Pritts said.

“We know that he’s home and that appears that all cylinders are firing within his brain,” Pritts said. “Which is greatly gratifying for all of us, for the nurses and respiratory therapists and caregivers as for his family and for everybody else beyond.”

When Doctors were asked about the cause. Hamlin They said they didn’t know what caused cardiac arrest. However, they believe that future research could provide answers.

“The answer to that is that workup is ongoing,” Dr. William Knight answered. “We do not have definitive answers as to the etiology of the arrest at this time and that tests will continue to be ongoing as he continues to progress.”

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